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BY:  Jerry Barrow

Every awards show has those awkward moments that make DVR and TiVO the best things ever invented. But best believe that any award show on BET is going to have some doozies.

Did you see…

5) Sean Paul getting his award on the Red Carpet? I felt bad for him. It was like being adopted and meeting your birth mother for the first time in a strip club.

4) Beyonce’s pre-recorded, via-satellite acceptance speech? Was she afraid Kanye was gonna interrupt her or something ? (yeah, yeah we know Bey was on tour but we know she has some femme-bot clones she coulda sent in her place.)

3) Jazmine Sullivan losing Best New Artist to Keri Hilson? No hate on Keri Hilson but I think Jazmine should have won that one hands down. Especially since “Bust Your Windows” is the new Tiger Woods theme song.

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