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Today’s Favorite Book is 72 Hour Hold, by Bebe Moore Campbell. One of the most poignant and honest works of the new millennium, “72 Hour Hold” shines a light on mental illness within the African American community, and gives readers the opportunity to explore (without judgment) the complex world of mental health. Readers are introduced to Trina, the very ill daughter of Keri–a mother almost broken by her child’s mental problems, and the book’s female protagonist. Keri struggles to hold on to the loving daughter she once cherished, but Trina’s illness makes it harder and harder to keep their fragile connection alive.

72 Hour Hold was another knockout success for celebrated author Bebe Moore Campbell, whose other works, Brothers and Sisters and Singing in the Comeback Choir, were featured on the New York Times Bestsellers List. Campbell’s work sought to illuminate the many facets of mental illness and its effect on families. Campbell worked tirelessly to promote awareness and acceptance of mental illness until her untimely death in 2006, and her efforts continue to help heal and inspire readers all over the country.

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