female soldiers

After a long battle to include protective hairstyles for women of color in their uniform policy, the Marine Corps Uniform Board 215 decided to make the traditional hairstyles permissible options, as long as the styles are "professional and neat in appearance."

Today our nation comes together to honor the men and women who have served our country. Did you know that there are almost two million women veterans? History tells us that thirty three thousand women served in World War One and almost 500,000 took part in World War Two. During the Korean era 120,000 women […]

Women in the U.S. military are barred from the front lines and direct ground combat, thanks to a long-held belief that female soldiers suffer more serious combat-related stress and post-deployment mental-health problems. But the Pentagon may have underestimated the women who serve: According to a new study, women warriors may be as resilient as men. […]