Have you been looking for a place to stream all your favorite Blaxploitation films on the internet to no avail? Well, look no further: Bounce TV’s Brown Sugar is here. The streaming app — created to give users access to a myriad of Blaxploitation classics — launched yesterday. As Blaxploitation goddess Pam Grier notes, it’s “like Netflix, only Blacker.” Curl […]


Among African Americans there seems to be no middle ground concerning Tyler Perry. His work is either detested or revered. Forbes magazine recently labeled him 2010 Most Successful Man in Hollywood, raking in $130 million dollars, sparking further debate about the impact of Tyler Perry’s films. CNN’s Newsroom contributor Touré considers Tyler Perry to be […]

With the increasing number of films aimed towards black audiences in the early 1970s, filmmakers realized that they couldn’t turn to Henry Mancini to provide the musical backdrops for these movies.