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Chris Paul jokes with the replacement crew about the two Republicans going after Jay-Z and Beyonce, Ray-J’s latest song and more on the TJMS. —————————–…

Jada Pinkett Smith Gives Advice On Blended Families Jada Pinkett Smith is known for being very candid on Facebook. In her latest status update, the…

Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery. Some even call it inspiration. With Teyana Taylor releasing her version of Janet Jackson’s Rolling Stone topless…

Kim Kardashian’s a “homewrecker” Amber Rose says in Star Magazine. SEE ALSO: Crazy Celebrity Gifts GOP Candidates Go To New Hampshire Rose and Kanye West were a hot item a few years ago until, Rose alleges, Kardashian stole West from her. “They were both cheating,” Amber, 28, said.  “They were both cheating on me and […]

Amber Rose is now thanking Kim Kardashian for being a homewrecker because her cheating and involvement with Kanye, allowed Amber to find true love with Wiz Khalifa. In an exclusive interview with Star magazine, Amber Rose revealed that the reason she and Kanye split was because of the Kim K’s devious cheating ways: “Kim is […]

It seems like Amber Rose can’t win. After a “life-changing” trip to Ghana to host the Vodafone 020 Music Festival, Rose twitted photos of herself in some of the country’s poorest areas (and with a group of school girls she had spoken to). She was apparently moved by what she’d seen, and mistakenly commented that […]

The number 1 rule of ‘The Vixen’s Guide to Maintaining Relevancy When You Have No Real Talent’ is… release pictures of your lady parts to gossip sites and then blame it on someone stealing them from your laptop. Last week, we learned that ‘the nude picture-leaking ghost’ is back up to his old antics, and […]

In case you’ve been under a rock, Model Amber Rose’s hoohah met the internet the other day in a set of very unflattering pictures. Amber Rose has spoken out against graphically nude pictures that landed on the Internet on Wednesday (June 29). Several pictures of Amber Rose naked and masturbating were posted online. The embarrassing […]

As if we need to see and learn more about Amber Rose, she was spotted filming a reality show recently which means we may see her on TV in the fall. Amber Rose, 28, the former girlfriend of Kanye West, who is currently dating Wiz Khalifa, was spotted filming on the beaches of Santa Monica […]

Today is Kanye West’s 34th birthday! Now we all know that Mr. West loves to adorn himself with the finer things in life. The exclusive items that he purchases on a day-to-day basis would suffice for the average person’s birthday, Christmas and anniversary presents combined … for life! So in celebration of Yeezy’s birthday, June […]

Word on the street is that Amber Rose is pregnant and she’s trying to leak it to the highest bidder! The folks over at mediatakeout got are reporting that Amber approached two major media news outlets to give them the exclusive only to be shot down! A snitch at one of the mags leaked the […]