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Warmer weather calls for a revamp of your summertime skin routine. During the winter, our skin tends to be drier. Frigid temperatures require heavier moisturizers to keep your face hydrated. But as the spring and summer months roll around, wearing a lightweight moisturizer and increasing sunscreen can keep your skin in good shape.

Before becoming a beauty editor, sunscreen wasn’t on my radar. I barely had a routine, and I didn’t understand the importance of skin protection. As I educated myself, I learned more about the sun’s intensity. While our added melanin is a protectant, it can’t compete with the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Sunscreen is one of the most underrated products in a person’s skincare routine. While people of color live by the phrase, “Black don’t crack,” the truth is without executing a skincare routine that includes moisturizing and protecting your face with SPF, we become susceptible to wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and premature aging.

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Because beauty brands understand the science behind sunscreen, they’ve made life easier for consumers by adding SPF to products that are already part of their daily routine. Now, your foundations can serve the dual purpose of providing coverage while protecting your skin from the sun. And if you wear minimal makeup in the summer, you’ll enjoy the lightweight sunscreen formulas packed with nourishing ingredients contributing to your glow.

If you want to prioritize skin protection this summer and beyond, then you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of five must-have SPF products that will nourish your skin.

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Your Skin Will Love You Thanks To These 5 SPF Products Perfect For The Summer

Your Skin Will Love You Thanks To These 5 SPF Products Perfect For The Summer  was originally published on

1. Mad Hippie’s Luminizing SPF

Mad Hippie’s Luminizing SPF is a lightweight sunscreen composed of zinc. It provides 80 minutes of water-resistant coverage and is formulated with Niacinamide, an antioxidant that helps prevent the signs of aging. Crafted with clean ingredients, this vegan-free sunscreen will elevate your skincare routine.

2. Toty’s Ilumina CC Creamy Compact

Toty’s Ilumina CC Creamy Compact boasts a 3-in-1 formula that combines makeup, sunscreen, and skincare. The small award-winning foundation provides light coverage and is equipped with 15 water-resistant shades with 50+ SPF.


3. EXO’s C-Serum

Consider EXO’s C-Serum the multipurpose savior for your skin. This product is known to reduce hyperpigmentation, brighten skin pigmentation, and combat photoaging, the premature aging of your skin because of the sun. It is suggested consumers apply the serum in the morning or daylight hours when UV rays are the strongest.

4. EXO Sun’s After Sun Treatment

EXO Sun’s After Sun treatment is a must-have product following long days under the sun. Apply it to your skin post-sun exposure to rehydrate it and minimize the damage caused by UV rays. Nothing like protecting your skin before and AFTER a day of frolicking in the sun.

5. Fenty Skin’s HydraVizor Huez Tinted Moisturizer Mineral SPF 30

Fenty Skin’s latest offering is everything we need for the summer. The HydraVizor Huez Tinted Moisturizer Mineral SPF 30 provides light coverage while hydrating and protecting the skin. You’ll love this product if you’re looking for a lightweight formula that boasts a dewy finish. Offered in 10 shades and packed with nutrients, this SPF is the perfect addition to your skincare routine.