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Makeup and beauty lovers: this post is for you. Over the past decade, there have been a series of products and innovations that have changed the beauty industry as we know it. Whether it was the invention of Fenty Beauty in 2017 which forced the makeup industry into more inclusivity or Baby Tresses, making it easy to style and manipulate your edges, there are products that have just been invented in the past 10 years that we could not imagine living without. Beauties, click through our list to see the best in beauty over the past decade. If you have a product that you don’t see but think is missing, sound off in the comment section! We want to hear from you.

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1. URBAN SKIN RX [2010]

URBAN SKIN RX [2010] Source:Courtesy of

A skincare line that is focused specifically on and for African-American skin. Founder Rachel Roff created a line of skincare products that will help even out your skin tone, prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and provide your skin with all the goodness it needs.

2. HEAT FREE HAIR [2012]

HEAT FREE HAIR [2012] Source:Courtesy of

Extensions that match kinky-curly hair? Yes please! Heat Free Hair was one of the first hair lines focused on Type 3C to 4C hair. Founded by Ngozi Opara, she spent a year in China studying the entire hair manufacturing process before opening her own factory. If you are looking for hair to match your natural kinky-curly texture, here it is!


Q REDEW HAIR STEAMER [2012] Source:Courtesy of

We all know that a steam treatment is great for infusing moisture into your curls; however, we all don’t have time to go to the salon to get them done. You can refresh and moisturize your curls with the Q Redew hair steamer. This hair steamer is also great for detangling, stretching, deep conditioning, and adding volume to your curls.

4. THE HONEY POT [2014]

THE HONEY POT [2014] Source:Courtesy of

It’s about time we started to pay more attention to what’s going on down there. The Honey Pot was founded by Beatrice Feliu-Espada when she was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months without relief. One night, in a dream, and ancestor came to Bea and gave her the cure. She was able to cure herself and thus launched the Honey Pot, a plant and herb based line that helps cleanse, calm, and balance your vagina. They have everything from 100% cotton tampons to ‘mommy to be’ products.



Muva Pat McGrath is one of the most high . She’s responsible for some of the most epic runway makeup looks from high end brands like Versace. So it’s no surprise when she launched her beauty line, people came flocking.


BLACK GIRL SUNSCREEN [2016] Source:Courtesy of

Sunscreen is something we should be wearing everyday. However, for Black people, sunscreen often leaves a gray or white film. Black Girl Sunscreen was founded by Shontay Lunday who enjoyed being outdoors but didn’t enjoy not having a sunscreen that would melt into her skin. Now she’s solved this beauty problem for all Black women!

7. FENTY BEAUTY [2017]

FENTY BEAUTY [2017] Source:Getty

Rihanna entered the makeup game and changed the rules completely. Launching with 40 shades of foundation, she forced the makeup industry into diversity. After making $72M in sales in ONE MONTH, many brands started expanding their offerings for darker skin tones.

8. CURL CAP [2017]

CURL CAP [2017] Source:Courtesy of

When you have curly hair, it can all be hard to fit in a baseball cap. It’s annoying when it sits on top of your curls vs right on your head. Well, Britney Sade came up with a cap that has no back so your curls can be free but you still get the baseball cap look.


EDGE CONTROL Source:Courtesy of

Edge control was certainly popularized in the past decade. Before, people were using gel, but edge control was specifically created for our baby hairs.


BABY TRESS EDGE COMBS [2017] Source:Courtesy of

Now, for those of you that are slicking your edges, you might have been using a tooth brush. However, in the past decade brands like Baby Tress Edge Styler have come out to help us smooth and shape our edges. We’re not sure the first edge control brush, but we think it might have been Lovanti in 2016.