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Source: Michelle Farsi / Getty / Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is once again in trouble for being a very creepy individual.

*Trigger warning: this post will touch on alleged sexual assault*

A former WWE employee has slapped Vince McMahon and another former executive with a federal lawsuit accusing him of serious sexual misconduct accusations and offering her to a WWE superstar for sex.


Janel Grant, who worked in the WWE’s legal and talent departments, details in the 67-page lawsuit how McMahon, now 78, forced her into a sexual relationship with him to get employment within the company.

Per Vulture:

WWE employee Janel Grant is seeking to void the NDA she allegedly signed in exchange for reputational protection and a payout of $3 million. She alleges McMahon — whose net worth is $2.8 billion — stopped payments after she’d received only $1 million. The suit alleges that once news of McMahon’s NDA payments surfaced in June 2022, the WWE leaked Grant’s name to a media blogger — who is not named in the suit but has since been identified online as Brad Shepard — in what Grant and her legal team describe as “an overt intimidation tactic.”

She also says McMahon passed around pornographic images and videos of her having sex with other men to other individuals, WWE employees, and allegedly Brock Lesnar, according to The Wall Street Journal.

McMahon also offered Grant to Lesnar for a sexual relationship, and allegedly, the MMA athlete-turned-wrestler asked for a video of Grant urinating, Vulture reports. 

The Lawsuit Details Alleged Cruelty & Degradation

The lawsuit also details the “extreme cruelty and degradation” Grant was allegedly subject to, accusing McMahon of defecating on her during a threesome, “commanding her to continue pleasuring his ‘friend’” while his waste was in her hair and running down her back.

McMahon is also accused of using sex toys he named after WWE superstars on Grant and making her engage in sexual acts with other WWE employees like head of talent relations John Laurinaitis, who is also named in the lawsuit.

There was also an incident detailed in the lawsuit where McMahon and Laurinaitis corned Grant in Laurinaitis’ locked office during a work day and took turns sexually assaulting her, ignoring her pleas for them to stop.

Why Did Grant Go Public?

Representatives for Grant said she wanted her filing to go public, and she came with the receipts in the form of disturbing text exchanges with McMahon.

McMahon told Grant their “relationship” was over in January 2022 after his wife, Linda McMahon, found out, and he even fired her from the company.

The lawsuit states that McMahon began pressuring Grant to sign an NDA and take a hush payment of $3 million. Allegedly, things didn’t stop after Grant agreed to sign the NDA, with McMahon attempting to offer her to a WWE superstar who was visiting New York in March 2022.

“Ms. Grant is filing this lawsuit not just to address her own suffering,” the suit reads. “But also to act for those who are afraid to speak out.”

We shall see if this opens the floodgates for more disturbing allegations.

Users on X, formerly Twitter, are laying the smackdown on Vince McMahon.

You can see more of those reactions in the gallery below.

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