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Drake has a new face tattoo and, like with any Drizzy-related fashion statement (y’all remember them weird side buns with the pink hairclips), the new tat has caused social media to explode in responses that range from mocking to compliments to, well, much more mocking.

First, let’s talk about the tattoo, which is small enough that you might miss it right above his eyebrow.

From Hip Hop DX:

On Saturday (November 18), photographer Brent Kore took to his Instagram stories to post a photo of The 6 God’s new tattoo, which reads “miskeen.” The tattoo was over Drake’s right eyebrow.

Eagle-eyed fans noted that the word “miskeen” is a common turn of phrase in Toronto, and comes from the Arabic word مِسْكِين, or miskin. The word derives from the Classical Syriac and means “poor” or “misfortunate.” The Toronto slang “miskeen,” a derivative of that Arabic word, comes from the large Somali community in Toronto (who speak a dialect of Arabic), and means the same thing.

Now, first, there appears to be some dispute as to whether or not “miskeen” is commonly used by people of Arabic descent in Toronto.

But, for many, the larger controversy revolves around the “Hotline Bling” artist, or anyone for that matter, representing themselves with a tattoo that means “poor,” “misfortunate” and, by some translations, “hopeless.”

Other responses to Drake’s tat show that some think it’s cute, some think he’s ruining his face, and others think the 37-year-old is venturing into mid-life crisis territory. (And, of course, there are those who just don’t like Drake.) See some of the best in the gallery below.

Notably, this isn’t Drake’s first face tattoo. Last year, he <a href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>got the initials “SG” tatted</a> under his left eye in tribute to his mother, Sandra Gale. Obviously, that’s not a tattoo that is going to prompt as much commentary on social media.
Anyway, what do y’all think about Drake’s new face tat? Let us know in the comments.

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