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Will you be casting your ballot on November 6?

#SistasRockTheVote: 25 Black Women Running For Office  was originally published on

1. Sistas Supporting Sistas In The 2018 Midterms

Sistas Supporting Sistas In The 2018 Midterms

California Senator Kamala Harris said it best: “We shouldn’t just be thanking women of color for electing progressive leaders. In 2018, we SHOULD BE electing women of color AS THOSE LEADERS.” From Lucy McBath to Stacey Abrams to Maxine Waters, here are 25 progressive Black women running for office this November.

2. Lucy McBath, Georgia

Lucy McBath, Georgia

One of the “Mothers of the Movement” and mother of slain teen Jordan Davis, Lucy is the Democratic candidate for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District. She has been backed by Former President Barack Obama and EMILY’s List. If elected, this two-time breast cancer survivor promises to protect women’s rights and access to health care, fight for LGBTQ rights and work to pass gun reform legislation.

3. Stacey Abrams, Georgia

Stacey Abrams, Georgia

It’s no secret that if the Spelman College alum is elected as Georgia’s governor in the 2018 midterms, she will be the first-ever Black woman governor in the history of this country. Abrams is running on a platform of ending voter suppression in her state, ensuring affordable housing in Georgia, fighting for equal rights and fighting age discrimination in her state to name a few.

4. Deidre DeJear, Iowa

Deidre DeJear, a business owner and former organizer for Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, is running for Iowa’s Secretary of State. If she wins, she promises to protect small businesses in her state and voting rights for her state’s citizens.

5. Ayana Pressley, Massachusetts

Ayanna Pressley shocked the nation–and herself–when she ousted her longtime incumbent Democratic opponent during the state’s September primary. Since no one is running against her in the general election, she will be the first Black woman to represent Massachusetts in Congress. Slay!

6. Jahana Haynes, Connecticut

Once awarded “Teacher of the Year,” by Former President Obama in 2016, Jahana Haynes is running for Congress in Connecticut’s 5th District. If she win her race, she will be the first African-American elected into Congress from her state. Her platform includes preserving our public schools, helping to pass the DREAM Act, addressing the inequities in society and fighting for stricter gun laws in our country.

7. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, California

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, California

The senior Congresswoman and and one of the strongest faces of “The Resistance” is running for re-election in California’s 43rd District. Good luck Auntie!

8. Adrienne Bell, Texas

A beloved teacher, Adrienne Bell hopes to be Texas’ next Congresswoman in the state’s 14th Congressional District. Bell prides herself as a candidate for the people who will fight for Medicaid for all, access to quality education and the right to earn a living wage.

9. Ilhan Omar, Minnesota

Already a state rep for Minnesota, if Ilhan Omar is elected into the US Congress, she will become the first Somali-American Muslim legislator in our country. Omar’s platform consists of guaranteeing quality education and affordable health care for all; creating a just immigration system and ensuring that people can make a livable wage, regardless of their job.

10. Cat Brooks, California

Cat Brooks, the Independent candidate running to be the next Mayor of Oakland, is an organizer, activist, and actress dedicated to her city. If elected, Brooks promises to ensure safe and affordable housing for residents, continue Oakland’s status as a sanctuary city, fight for a stronger economy and provide solutions to improve the environment.

11. Dr. Vanessa Enoch, Ohio

A small business owner and accomplished educator, Dr. Vanessa Enoch believes she is exactly what Ohio needs. Running as the Democratic Candidate for the 8th Congressional District, she is focusing on empowering women in her state, ending mass incarceration, cutting rising health care costs and supporting our veterans.

12. Stephany Rose Spaulding, Colorado

Did you know that Spaulding, the Democratic Candidate for Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, was inspired to run after attending the Women’s March in D.C last year? If elected, she promises to fight for public schools, healthcare for all and gun law reform in her state.

13. Yvonne Hayes Hinson, Florida

Retired teacher Yvonne Hayes Hinson is no stranger to politics–she volunteered for former President Obama back in 2008 and served on the Florida Democratic Executive Committee and the NAACP. But now she’s running as the Democratic candidate for Florida’s 3rd congressional district.

14. Dee Thorton, Indiana

The loving mother of three and devoted wife is running as the Democratic candidate for Indiana’s 5th congressional district. Thorton is running on a platform that prioritizes affordable health care, quality education, strengthening the state’s infrastructure, fighting for women’s equality, addressing Indiana’s crushing opioid crisis and passing gun reform.

15. Tish James, New York

This Harvard Law alum dubbed the “People’s Lawyer,” is running for New York State’s Attorney General. James is running on a platform of protecting the constitutional rights of those living in the state, fighting corruption, protecting seniors against fraud and protecting immigrants to name a few.

16. Janice Laws, Georgia

Janice Laws, who is also a Jamaican immigrant, is pretty accomplished for someone in their early 30s. She’s an entrepreneur, award-winning insurance professional and an author who is also running for Georgia’s Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. If elected, she promises to protect the state’s consumers and hold health insurance companies accountable for how they treat Georgians.

17. Juliana Stratton, Illinois

Currently an Illinois State Rep, Juliana Stratton is running as Illinois’ Lieutenant Governor along side Democratic candidate for Governor J.B. Pritzker. Stratton, an avid runner and mother of three, says she laser-focused on criminal-justice reform, uplifting women and fighting for her constituents.

18. Lauren Underwood, lllinois

The registered nurse that played a role in the creation of the Affordable Care Act is running for Congress in Illinois’ 14th District. Underwood stresses that if elected, her main priorities are “fighting for families and believes that strong jobs, smart investments and access to affordable health care will put our region back on track.”

19. Linda Coleman, North Carolina

A North Carolina native, Linda Coleman has worked at the state’s Department of Administration, Department of Agriculture, and the NC Community College System. Now she is running for Congress for NC’s 2nd Congressional District on a platform that focuses on ensuring fair elections, gun reform, alleviating student debt and cleaning up the environment.

20. Kimberly Fobbs, Oklahoma

Kimberly Fobbs, chair of the Tulsa County Democratic Party, is running to be Oklahoma’s next Insurance Commissioner. If elected, the mother of two is deeply committed to ensuring that people in her state or not taken advantage by the health insurance system.

21. Rosalyn Glenn, South Carolina

If elected as South Carolina’s State Treasurer, Glenn, a Democrat, plans on raising the bar by being fiscally responsible without sacrificing the needs of the most vulnerable in her state. In addition, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. member’s goals include building trust back into her office and rebuilding relationships with other offices in South Carolina’s government.

22. Jeannine Lee Lake, Indiana

A win for Jeannine Lee Lake, an accomplished journalist, could have rippling effects through out the state and even irk the White House. See, Lake is running against Vice President Mike Pence’s brother, Republican Greg Pence, in the state’s Indiana’s 6th Congressional District.

23. Miranda Joseph, Alabama

After running twice and losing in 2010 and 2014, Miranda Joseph is determined Alabama’s new State Auditor. The University of Alabama Birmingham alum wants to ensure that her state is corrupt free and that the budget is being used wisely to benefit the great people of Alabama.

24. Kiana Maria Sears, Arizona

If Kiana Maria Sears wins as the Democratic candidate for Arizona’s Corporation Commission, she will be breaking the all-white male club currently in control. Sears strongly believes that all Arizonians deserve access to clean, affordable utilities and energy, along with state’s ratepayers being protected.

25. Cara McClure, Alabama

The Democratic candidate For Alabama’s Public Service Commission bases her campaign on the five P’s: ”prayer, people, protest, policy, and polls.” If elected, Cara McClure promises to fight for fair and affordable rates, expanding green jobs to boost her state’s economy and to be a transparent leader.

26. Erika Stotts Pearson, Tennessee

Erika Stotts Pearson believes she is the change that Washington needs. This is why she is running for Congress in Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District. If elected, she wants to prioritize vocational training, expanding Medicaid for the people in her state and increase public teachers’ salary.