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Bravo producers stay on ready for Eva’s shady comments. Eva is only on her second season of Real Housewives of Atlanta but her shady statements always come back to bite her because she’s on camera talking wild reckless but selectively forgetting what she says. Tonight’s episode was another case of Eva back pedaling on messed up comments she has made.

Remember a couple of episodes ago when Eva went out with Kandi and Cynthia and made those shady comments about Porsha needing to let her C-section scar heal, and then she made the late in life baby comment about Kenya? Well, we all know by now that Kandi seems to be the stand in bone collector of the bunch now that Sheree is gone. So, Kandi told Porsha what Eva said. Porsha went back and asked Eva what she said. She wasn’t rude at all and expressed that her feelings were hurt, but Eva said she didn’t say that.


Kandi might be the bone collector, but she has a good memory and has never mixed up anyone’s words.

So, the producers rolled back tape and played exactly what Eva said. She said that ish, for sure, and people on Twitter had fun with it, of course.

Props to Porsha (and cheers to growth) for not spazzing out like she could have. But you also have to wonder, is Eva just trolling because we sure keep talking about her, which means she’s doing something right and probably securing a few more seasons with a peach.

Anyway, let’s get into these tweets.


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