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President Biden Delivers State Of The Union Address

President Joe Biden delivered his latest State of The Union (SOTU) address on Thursday (March 7) and the reactions have come in. As expected, folks on one side are praising President Biden while the other side is taking shots and it appears to be split down party lines.

President Joe Biden delivered what many analysts and observers called an impassioned SOTU address, which appealed to Biden’s base and sparked his detractors to make unfounded claims.

As past addresses have gone, the president is using the carefully orchestrated and televised moment to promote policies, rally the base, and do their best as the nation’s leader to call for collaboration and unity for the benefit of all.

It was another display of a lack of decorum and respect for Biden from Republican Party members in attendance, with some yelling out “liar” and other jabs similar to the responses President Barack Obama endured during these addresses.

Biden made several mentions of former president Donald Trump, who will presumably be his opponent in the presidential election this fall. This garnered sounds of dissatisfaction from Trump supporters, most especially when Biden said Trump failed his presidential duty to “care.”

At the top of the Democratic Party’s list of political concerns is abortion rights, and Biden let off a zinger that also got negative reactions from the Republican throng.

“With all due respect, justices, women are not without electoral or political power,” Biden said. “You’re about to realize just how much.”

Biden was also pointed in his words about the U.S.-Mexico border situation, a highly politicized matter in the era of Trump. Also was the matter of the president’s age, all while noting Trump just four years younger.

Because of the energy shown by President Joe Biden during the SOTU address, some made wild claims on X, formerly Twitter, that the president used Adderall and narcotics to achieve the feat. Adderall began trending on the social media network and we’ve got reactions under that trending topic and SOTU below.

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