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Source: David Crotty / Getty

Kim Kardashian undeniably looks like a Black woman in her latest editorial spread. The SKIMS entrepreneur is said to be channeling Elizabeth Taylor on the cover of 7 Hollywood Mag wearing vintage Muglar, however, her heavily tanned skin makes her look closer to Beyonce…or Diane Carroll…or Dorothy Dandridge. It’s modern-day “Blackface” or to use a rising trend, “Blackfishing.”

This isn’t the first time Kim was accused of darkening her skin in 2017 when she was promoting here contour kit.

“We wanted them really moody; it was really tan,” Kim said. “I wanted to show the contour. The photos ended up being a little bit darker than I was. There were some people online saying I was doing blackface and the photos were inappropriate.”

She added, “The internet world is so toxic, and I feel like people are just waiting for you to make a mistake. Just to point out.’ Despite having gone through a similar situation before an recognizing it was a mistake, she decided to release the recent cover without any concern for backlash. Oddly, she declared she’d never do a shoot like that again…

“When you’re running shit, you just literally have to own up to it and change it and fix it…I fully understood what people were saying…I would never ever, ever do a photo shoot like that and I would never disrespect anyone.”

Yet, here we are again. #BlackTwitter is in an uproar over the photos, which at this point, seems more like a Kardashian tactic to make headlines than anything else. Their endless appropriation of Black culture and imagery is exhausting. They are leaders of the Blackfish coalition.

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