Kids Who Embrace Their Bad Boy Image (PHOTOS)  was originally published on

1. 1. Chief Keef has stepped on the scene and isn’t letting age limit his content. The 16-year-old emcee talks about guns, drugs, and all types of drama. || Twitter

2. 2. Chloe Moretz is no stranger to rough roles. Her foul mouthed character in Kick Ass turned heads, but she didn’t stop there. She’s a film vet of raunchy, risky roles and we love it.

3. 3. Soulja Boy burst on the scene as a teen who talked about superman’n that hoe! Classic. || TWITPIC

4. 4. Lil Twist is also an underaged emcee who can’t seem to keep his hands to himself. He is also struggling to keep his clothes on. The kids are all right. || WENN

5. 5. Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to trouble. She’s a child star with a long history of bouncing back and rebranding herself. She just got $1 million bucks to pose for Playboy and is now the new Elizabeth Taylor. || Tyler Shield

6. 6. Bobbe J Thompson will curse you out in a heartbeat and this grade school funny man might also break your jaw. He was spotted getting into a fight in between movies. Now that’s gangster. || WENN

7. 7. Teairra Mari was the princess of the Roc, who wanted to know if there were any boys that knew how to make a girl feel good. || WENN

8. 8. Rosario Dawson climbed into our hearts as a promiscious New York teenager in Kids. Now she’s one of the hottest chicks in the game.

9. 9. Before she was sucking blood in Twilight, she was a fast ass Nikki Reed tween in the movie Thirteen. Along with Evan Rachel Wood, these two girls have blossomed into beautiful and respectful women.

10. 10. Courtney Stodden might be out of control to some, but 51-year-old actor Doug Hutcherson put a ring on the 16-year-old bride. || Splash.