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NFL: NOV 20 Eagles at Chiefs

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The NFC East’s best rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys are now in competition for bragging rights far beyond the football field.

The Athletic conducted a survey that included 85 anonymous NFL athletes, asking them a plethora of football related questions, including: Who is the best player? Who is the best team? Who is the biggest trash talker? What’s better: Grass or Turf?  Who has the most annoying fan base? and many others.

After the study was complete, The Athletic found that among 32 teams in the NFL, the Eagles and Cowboys have the ‘most annoying’ fanbases in the National Football League.

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The Eagles came out slightly ahead with 25.3 percent of the vote, followed by the Cowboys at 24.7 percent.

NFL: NOV 05 Cowboys at Eagles

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“Just loud, rude and obnoxious,” one player said of Eagles fans. Another player said the Philly crowd will “swear they’re the biggest football gurus on earth.”

Eagles fans do have a history of being passionate, aggressive, abrasive, even abusive. Dating back to 1968 when Santa Clause showed up to the Eagles Stadium and the ‘Bird’s Nest’ pummeled him with snowballs. Eagles fans are also known to let their team known they need to get their heads in the game, even if they have to put the batteries in the players backs… literally.

Before he was a head coach for Philadelphia, Doug Pederson played Quarterback for the Eagles in 1999. He wasn’t as good a quarterback as he was a coach, and for that, Eagles fans threw batteries at him.

The Apple didn’t fall far from the sports tree planted in Philadelphia, as Phillies fans threw batteries at pitcher J.D. Drew because he didn’t resign with the team in 1999.

Good thing they aren’t the Philadelphia Chargers…

NFL: NOV 05 Cowboys at Eagles

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

See what Philadelphia fans are saying about being voted ‘most annoying’ below!


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