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Fans are obsessing over Drake and 21 Savage’s new music video Spin Bout U, but the buzz isn’t about the actual song itself. All eyes are currently peeled on the video’s sexy plus size antagonist, Precious Lee.

The Dave Meyers-directed video follows Drake and 21 Savage as they sail on a lavish yacht out on the open sea. But things quickly change when the rap duo discovers Lee drowning overboard out in the ocean. They save the curvaceous model from distress and are swiftly captivated by her mesmerizing looks.

Well, the plan works out all in Lee’s favor, because later on in the video, the beautiful muse and a team of baddies rob Drake and 21 of all their jewelry and expensive goods.

Beyond Lee’s incredible acting skills, many folks were happy to see a plus-sized model featured in the video, something that is rare to see in today’s music and entertainment industry where thin frames often receive all the praise.

“A BBW that was represented as a beautiful sex symbol, not as a laughing stock love this! More of this,” wrote one user in the comment section on YouTube, while another person chimed in:

“I don’t even like Ch*mpagne P*pi but the fact that he used THE Precious Lee in his latest video was the best choice. Thick girls are here to stay. We are not trends and we deserve all the shine all the time.”


Lee, 33, has been breaking down barriers in the modeling world for quite some time now. She’s walked in fashion shows for Versace and the revered Michael Kors, blowing fans away with her 5 foot 11 stature and mean catwalk.  In 2021, she graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, proving that models are not only beautiful but that they can be activists and leaders, too.

Lee dares to be fearless and unapologetically in an industry that hasn’t always been inclusive of different body types and races. She’s shown up as her authentic self in a bevy of campaigns from Sports Illustrated and Carolina Herrera to the red carpet of the Met Gala.

The Georgia native has paved the way for the next generation of models who aren’t afraid to fit outside the lines of the conventional looks often required to break into the industry and we love to see her trailblazing down of path of change for so many.

If you’re just hopping on the Precious Lee fan train now, there’s so much you should know about the bustling beauty. Here are five interesting facts bout the star.

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1. Precious Lee is a model and an actress, too!

Precious Lee is a model and an actress, too! Source:Tyler Mitchell

This isn’t Precious Lee’s first time flexing her acting skills. The muse has been featured in several films and TV shows like Top Five and STARZ dramedy Run The World. 

 “I realized that it’s just a part of my journey as a human. To continuously shatter outdated institutions. And not just in fashion, but in TV and film and visuals as a whole,” the star told Harper’s Bazaar in a 2022 interview. “I am all about the power of transformative imagery,” she added.

2. She grew up in Atlanta

She grew up in Atlanta Source:Tyler Mitchell

Lee comes from humble beginnings. The beautiful muse grew up in  Atlanta, Georgia. Her father Rudy is a thriving businessman and cosmetologist and her mother Anita is a school teacher, according to her interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

She was always encouraged to be her authentic self growing up and had a taste for adventure. 

She played the flute in her high school’s band and was a member of the Girl Scouts. She also served as a member of her school’s student government team and loved being in theatre and debate clubs. 

When it comes to modeling, you’ll often see Lee tap into all of the creative realms she grew up thriving in. 

“I think everyone has an option when they wake up in the morning to be positive or not. I just always lean into the positive energy,” She added to the fashion magazine. ” I want to bring that with me wherever I go. It’s not something I just turn on when I am on a set. I feel grateful that I’m able to share this part of myself with the fashion world. But I do think it’s important that people see that it’s who I was even before I became a model. Modeling has just given me a bigger platform to express it.”


3. She was the first Black plus-size model to be featured in Vogue

She was the first Black plus-size model to be featured in Vogue Source:Getty

 In 2015, the fashion model’s curvy silhouette appeared front and center in the September issue of Vogue for Lane Bryant’s #PlusIsEqual campaign. The one-page spread captured Lee looking lavish in a white two-piece bathing suit and her glistening melanin on full display.

Lee became one of the first Black plus-sized models to appear in the magazine.  A year later, the image was featured in Sports Illustrated’s 2016 issue, making Lee one of the first Black plus-sized models to be featured in the coveted swimsuit magazine. 



4. Precious Lee isn’t afraid to tell it like it is

Precious Lee isn't afraid to tell it like it is Source:Getty

Lee isn’t afraid to call out the fashion industry on their bull. In a 2016 interview with PEOPLE,  the model said she was shocked at the industry’s tendency to overlook plus-size beauties for big campaigns. 

She argued that the average women’s size is 14 and that plus-size fashion is “a billion-dollar” industry.

“I don’t understand why designers wouldn’t be capitalizing on such a huge part of the market,” Lee told the outlet. “People don’t know they actually make clothes in larger sizes, but you don’t see them in campaigns. So, you would never know.”

5. She is the first Black plus sized model to walk in a Versace Show

She is the first Black plus sized model to walk in a Versace Show Source:Getty

In February 2022, Lee made history on the runway in Milan, when she became the first Black plus-sized model to strut down the catwalk for Versace. 

The historic moment was emotional for the muse, given that the show fell right on the day of her late sister’s birthday. 

“Anytime I have a really big moment or just when I’m feeling the need for the energy of my sister — I felt her right before I was about to go out, ” she said in a previous interview.

“I’m so focused and all of a sudden I was about to cry and then someone backstage was like ‘you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Go! “I turned the corner and I zoned out and I started to float.”


In the midst of the momentous occasion, Lee became more grateful for all the support she received during her journey.

“It was an acknowledgment of how supported I’ve been,” she said. “It was such a proud moment of arriving at an actual dream.”