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5 Brandon Blackwood Purses That Will Pair Well With Your Fall Looks

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Brandon Blackwood is more than just a fashion connoisseur. He’s a Black style artist who has made an indelible mark in the industry with his one-of-a-kind luxury designs. The Brooklyn native was at the forefront of the miniature bag trend, cranking out purses that made fashion statements and political ones. Fast forward years later, and Blackwood has leveled up with his mini bags and has even designed a custom outfit for the queen Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour.” The “Energy” singer has also been spotted toting his black and white checkered Kendrick Trunk mini purse, and for the jazzy designer, it’s been up since then.

The Brandon Blackwood Bag Is the Ultimate Fall Staple

Purses are a significant part of your ensemble. They are the perfect ending to your style story and can add spice to your attire. The right purse elevates your swag, gives it an edge, and sets it apart from the crowd. Bags can make or break a look, and our job is to ensure that your fall costume is equipped with the perfect tote.

The small purse trend has swept the fashion world and isn’t falling off anytime soon. These bags may be mini, but they pack a big punch when complementing your regalia. Brandon Blackwood has owned this fad and produced some stylish tiny bags that look good with almost any outfit.

Whether you are a simple purse person or prefer to push the boundaries regarding your totes, Brandon Blackwood has just what you need for a complete fall slay. Some of our personal favorites from the Brandon Blackwood collection include the Kendrick Trunk black and white checkered purse that Queen Bey sported (of course), the Kendrick Trunk denim tote that goes great with any denim piece, and any pop-colored Brandon Blackwood bag that is sure to brighten up most uniforms. Get into some other spiffy Brandon Blackwood bags below that will do your fall wardrobe justice.

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1. Bamboo B Micro ToteA

Bamboo B Micro ToteA

A bamboo tote is genius! It represents more than just a purse. It is a conglomerate of style and Hip-Hop history. This purse will not only pair well with your sleek looks, but it’s also a timeless bag that will transcend all fads. 

2. Leopard Kendrick Trunk

Leopard Kendrick Trunk

Nothing says fall like leopard print. This staple bag features a neutral pattern that will accompany almost anything in your wardrobe. Buying this purse is an investment because you will surely tote it frequently. 

3. Metallic Orange Kendrick Trunk

Metallic Orange Kendrick Trunk

Metallics aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. This orange Brandon Blackwood is ideal for a fall slay as the color represents both the season and eye-catching style.

4. Blue Metallic Micro Nia Bag

Blue Metallic Micro Nia Bag Source:Courtesy

Add some fun to your fall outfits with this cute micro blue bag. Sure, you can’t fit much in it but some lipstick and your credit card, but style isn’t about convenience as much as it’s about slaying. 

5. Citrine Mini Crystals

Citrine Mini Crystals Source:Courtesy

Wow them this fall with this standout mini crystal Kendrick Trunk. This bag can go from a daytime slay to a night one. This bag is sure to add pizazz to any look.