GRAND ISLE, La. — Rough seas generated by Hurricane Alex pushed more oil from the massive spill onto Gulf Coast beaches Wednesday as cleanup vessels were sidelined by the faraway storm’s ripple effects.

Roland Martin appears on CNN to discuss day two of the Elena Kagan Confirmation hearings. WATCH: Elena Kagan Under Scrutiny WATCH: How Has Elena Kagan Handled Herself During The Supreme Court Hearings? WATCH: Senator Graham and Elena Kagan Discuss Former Nominee Miguel Estrada WATCH: Kagan Talks Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Defends Actions On Military Recruiting

From Michael Vick just can’t stay out of trouble. After a shooting at the quarterback’s party on Friday, Vick and his lawyers claimed that the former Virginia Tech star was “long gone” before the shooting occurred. But now, surveillance video from that night shows “long gone” may have been an exaggeration. According to the […]

It’s is summer time and that means it is the season for fun. This summer don’t make sitting at home in front of a t.v. an option for your family. Get out and enjoy the things around you. Take trips, plan special outings, and cook out, don’t let the summer pass you by. For Example: […]

Rihanna is featured on the cover of the August 2010 issue of Seventeen magazine. She talks about taking fashion risks and her favorite trends. Check out the gallery below. She’s certainly playing up that “good girl” image. “I’m a big fan of mini-dresses – they’re my favorite silhouette – because they’re flirty and you get […]

The oil spill is now starting to effect he health of people in Louisiana. Most of the people who have reported health problems are those who are involved with the clean up of the oil spill. Last week, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals has released a oil spill health effects summary, which reports […]

From The two-year-old son of former Philadelphia Eagles great Randall Cunningham drowned yesterday in the family’s jacuzzi in Las Vegas. Cunningham was returning to town when the drowning occurred and returned home to police cars and news cameras waiting.  Since his retirement from the NFL in 2002, Cunningham went back to school to get […]

It’s been a minute since we heard any new music from Jazmine Sullivan.

The documentation of rock and roll’s Black roots should come as no surprise to anyone with an Internet connection and a thirst for musical knowledge, but many are unaware of the band Death and the role that they played in shaping the sound of 1970s proto-punk music.

Mark Clements was 16 years old when he was tortured by officers under the command of Chicago police chief, Jon Burger. He was present at Burge’s trial and gave his reaction to the media after Burge was found guilty for lying about police torture. Take a look at our Top 10 Worst Police Brutality Cases […]

From CNN: Exposure to the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has resulted in 162 cases of illnesses reported to the Louisiana state health department, according to a report released Monday. Of those cases, 128 involved workers on oil rigs or individuals involved in the oil spill cleanup efforts, the report said.

While Kenna Zemedkun – better known simply by his stage name of Kenna – has an international background that spans from Ethiopia to England, but his real musical birthplace is in Virginia Beach.