Transformation Expo

“I look at myself as just a vessel that I pray God is going to use to get His music to many, many of His people and draw them closer to Him. To everyone who will listen to this recording, my prayer is that it will bring you closer to His presence, and be the […]

Not too long ago, this young man dreamt of stopping wide receivers in the NFL, but a high school injury ended his professional hopes. In just a short span, this jock turned gospel musician has been turning heads. From his early days as a member in the Florida A & M University (FAMU) gospel choir, […]

Wes Morgan is becoming increasingly popular for his ability to sing soulful melodies over lyrics that yield life building messages along with his unique ability to share God’s word alongside his personal testimony. Both the music and spoken word coming from Wess Morgan connects with the hearts of people in search of “the rest of […]