When it comes to fashion, the "Queen Sugar" star is no wallflower. She comfortably rocks bold, vibrant colors.

Thanks to the coronavirus epidemic, everrrrybody is the house quarantined, including the celebs, who are providing us nothing but free entertainment.

If you're gonna be stuck inside indefinitely 'cause of the coronavirus, here are the chocolate kisses we want by our side.

While we're stuck inside because of the coronavirus, the iconic "Fame" dancer and "Grey's Anatomy" star gave us something to smile about and sweat to!

From temporarily closing its stores, to canceling all new launches to focusing on online sales, here is how beauty brands are adjusting their business models in the face of this pandemic.

Lebron and Savannah James' 5-year-old daughter has the most infectious and adorable natural hair and yoga videos that will most definitely put a smile on your face.

NOOO! Not our leader, our voice & the defenses backbone. Sadly to say, All Star and soon to be First Ballot Hall Of Famer Safety Malcolm Jenkins and the Philadelphia Eagles are parting ways. After 6 great years full of wins and losses the Eagles & Jenkins agree to move in different directions. The Piscataway, New […]

Tamar Braxton is a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve ever needed an example of a strong, opinionated, resilient black woman, she fits the bill. As a Braxton sister, she’s lived her life in the public eye. We’ve witnessed her marriage to Vince Herbert and birth of her first son Logan. We’ve celebrated her […]

It’s no secret that Milano Di Rouge & Meek Mill are a thing. Now, what do we call this “thing” we are not sure since they have not came out and it made it official. They have traded off many IG post and deletes of each other boo’d up including one of Milano laid up on […]

The coronavirus pandemic can't take away all this #BlackFashionExcellence!

Like Serena Williams said, this coronavirus pandemic is “serious.” The WHO has called the crisis a world pandemic with it killing more than 6,500 people across the globe (nearly 80 in the U.S.) and infecting nearly 180,000. Even on a smaller scale, it’s pretty devastating to everyday Americans. Between self-quarantines, work from home schedules, school […]