New York Post columnist Miranda Devine told Fox News Tuesday that California Senator Kamala Harris will be Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick for the presumptive Democratic nomination. Pointing out that Harris is a good friend former President Barack Obama, the “silent force” in Biden’s possible presidency, Devine says Harris’ July 9th fundraiser with various celebrity DJs […]

The Roots Picnic went virtual over the weekend. During the event, Michelle Obama made an impassioned plea for people to register to vote. She said, “These past few months have been pretty heavy for just about everyone and the truth is, we still got our work cut out for us in the weeks and months ahead. I […]

Tuesday was plagued by what seemed to be an attack on the rights of minorities when in comes to voting in this country. The Georgia primaries were plagued up to 4 hour waiting lines in the rain, new voting machines where half of them did not work and a lack of available ballots. This all […]