The restaurant industry is struggling during the Coronavirus pandemic, but there are customers making a difference or at least one with a big tip. Area businesses have been forced to close dining areas and switch to takeout. CBS-6 reports that a customer left a huge impression at Buzz and Ned’s Real Barbecue on West Broad […]

Governor Ralph Northam and the Virginia Emergency Support Team provide daily updates 11:00 a .m. on Virginia’s COVID-19 response live facebook @ Governor of Virginia. Be sure to watch for our community’s health and safety. According to the Virginia Department of Health, the number of coronavirus cases is approaching 100. Virginia health officials identified 94 […]

The Coronavirus is a global pandemic that will have lasting impact on communities around the world. The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), along with other national Black leaders, is hosting a Tele Town Hall today, March 20, 2020 at 3pm ET, to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the Black community. If you would like […]

Thanks to the coronavirus epidemic, everrrrybody is the house quarantined, including the celebs, who are providing us nothing but free entertainment.

Richmond is looking to help foodservice locations currently experiencing an economic crisis due to the coronavirus through a Virtual Happy Hour. To participate simply prepare a cocktail at home and donate what you would have tipped your server, virtually.

Who would have thought the latest Cardi B hit was going to be a remix of a rant about coronavirus but it is. And it’s actually pretty catchy! This became a thing when little known artist DJ iMarkkeyz sampled Cardi saying “Coronavirus! It’s getting real!” and threw it on a catchy beat. The song went […]

If you're gonna be stuck inside indefinitely 'cause of the coronavirus, here are the chocolate kisses we want by our side.

While we're stuck inside because of the coronavirus, the iconic "Fame" dancer and "Grey's Anatomy" star gave us something to smile about and sweat to!

The N-word is never a comical matter but some comedians thought comparing it to coronavirus would somehow get the people going. Comedian and podcaster Theo Von posted to Twitter saying “coughing is the new n-word” and stand up comedian Vanessa Johnston said similarly “sneezing is the new n-word.” LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM. SUBSCRIBE […]

The Richmond Richmond Public School system has been working hard to assure that even though social distancing is requiring numerous school days to be spent at home, no child is left hungry.

The French luxury brand conglomerate behind Rihanna's Fenty, Louis Vuitton and Fendi is doing its part to help protect people during this pandemic.

As panic and confusion continues during the current coronavirus pandemic, Ciara and Russell Wilson have decided to help the people who need it the most in a major way. The couple announced on Tuesday that they are donating one million meals to the local Seattle community via Food Lifeline, a non-profit that provides food to food banks in Western Washington. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. […]