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Youth Sports Leagues!  There are nothing like them.  Watching your kids learn life’s lessons through sports can be an amazing journey.  If you are involved or know someone involved in Youth Sports, we want your information.   Does it matter what kind of sports?  Not at all!  All leagues are welcome; football, baseball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc.

We want to know about your Youth Sports League today!  Radio One, we care about what matters to you.

A.L.Roberts Youth Sports Association

The Mission of the A. L. Roberts Youth Sports Association (ALRYSA)located in Spotsylvania/Fredericksburg Virginia, is to provide a structured, mentoring environment that builds upon those fundamental values that develop self awareness and a commitment to excellence in the areas of academics, community leadership, sportsmanship, and civic involvement.  The Vision of the ALRYSA is to instill in our youth a sense of pride, high self-esteem, and moral courage as vehicles for developing exceptional and highly productive members of society.

Ashland Vikings Football

We are known for challenging football, good sportsmanship, and fun.  The Ashland Vikings are located in the Town of Ashland, Virginia and a part of the Ashland Youth Association. The home field is at Poor Farm Park, just west of the Town.  We look forward to seeing you at Poor Farm Park

Broken Chain Foundation

Broken Chain provides athletic sponsorship to families facing financial hardships.  Any family interested in applying for financial or equipment assistance can simply connect to our website and providing the required information.

Central VA All Pro

The Central Virginia All Pro Football Camps are designed to teach campers the football skills and techniques that maximize their ability.  The camps are also organized so that the campers can have fun while they learn.  The camp will focus on the very basics of fundamentals.  The varsity camps will include more team segments.  The campers will work as a unit to achieve success on the football field.  Both camps will also include segments of the importance of academics, teamwork, work ethics and other important techniques.

Camp Highlights,  Qualified Football Instruction, Non-Contact Drills and Instruction, Individualized instruction on fundamental skills, 10:1 Ratio, Campers carefully grouped by age,  Skill development drills,  Special Topics:  Character Education, Nutrition & Curriculum,  Daily training to develop speed, strength and agility,  Timed and tested in variety of drill.

Central Virginia Track and Field Club

Central VA Track and Field Program is a sports organization that aspires character and self-awareness through athleticism, and positive reinforcement.  We strive to develop well-rounded individuals who will excel throughout school and society.

Chamberlayne Laburnum Athletic Association

Chamberlayne Laburnum Athletic Association (CLAA) is a baseball little league organization.  CLAA was organized for the youth of Henrico County and surrounding areas to promote the development of leadership, character, sportsmanship, tolerance, discipline and athletic ability while nurturing the youth of our community.  CLAA is affiliated with Va Babe Ruth.

Chamberlayne Youth Basketbal League

The CHAMBERLAYNE YOUTH BASKETBALL LEAGUE exists to promote the mental and physical development of youths through the game of basketball by stressing teamwork, sportsmanship and integrity to build self confidence. The CYBL is committed to the instruction and development of basketball skills for its member youths. All participants will take pleasure in learning the game and acquiring the necessary fundamentals needed to play the game. WE DO NOT FOCUS ON WINNING OR LOOSING; we advocate a winning spirit! Our goal as an organization is to provide every youth that joins our league the opportunity to maximize their talent in all areas be it sports, academics, and the arts. For the last 15 years the CYBL has strived to offer youth from all walks of life a place to play basketball; extending out to the North, South, East and West of Henrico County. We’re blessed and grateful to Chamberlayne, Glen Lea, and Ratcliff Elementary, Wilder Middle and VA. Randolph schools for their continuous support of our goal to service our community through sports. What makes our organization so unique is the affiliation with local churches, alternative schools and boys and girls clubs in surrounding areas. Faith-Landmark Ministries, St. Peters Church- (Mountain Road), The Virginia Home for Boys & Girls and The Boys & Girls Club at Fallen Creek are part of the CYBL family and all have youth ages 5-17 playing in the league. You may contact us at: 804.512.5379, or by mail: P.O. Box 9246, Richmond VA. 23228

Chamberlayne Youth Football & Cheering

The Chamberlayne Youth Football Packers was organized to instill the fundamentals of football and cheering to the young boys and girls in our community as well as teach them responsibility and the importance of teamwork.  This is done by following the teachings of our motto “Respect, Responsibility, and the Right Attitude Working Toward Excellence.”

Chesterfield Quarterback League

The CQL is first and foremost about the kids. We provide sound instruction in football fundamentals and the opportunity for the youth of the Chesterfield county area to play competitive football.

The league has turned out several athletes who has went on to turn pro, we’d like to think we provided that inner fire and love of the sport that inspired such commitment to the game enabling them to play at that level.

We regularly field around 30+ youth teams at various age levels that participate and we also work closely with the Ken Oxendine Community Football Camp as well. We invite all Chesterfield county youth to participate in the best league in the area. We make great athletes, civic minded youth and help your child take it to the next level.

Design’d 4 Youth Football League

D4Y’th Football League is a spring football league for youth ages 5-15.Newly formed & located in Henrico county,  our purpose is to provide a season, other than fall football. Also,to provide a positive activity to community youth who loves to play football year round. We offer more than the game of football. We teach sportsmanship, leadership, fundamentals, and professionalism in sports. We are building teams throughout Richmond, Va. This will be a fun filled, experience for our youth! We offer flag and tackle football along with cheerleading and training  oppurtunities for our 16-18 year olds to become referees and coaches.

East End Co-Ed Jr. Basketball League

The league originally started in 2005 as Brown and Gardner Co-Ed Jr. Basketball League.  In 2007 the name was changed to East End Co-Ed Jr. Basketball League.  This league is based on Christian principals.  We offer a recreational basketball league to young males and females between the ages of 13 thru 15 years old.  All of our games are played at Fairfield Middle School on Nine Mile Road.  The league is Co-Sponsored by Henrico County Recreation and Parks.

East End Youth Basketball

EEYB EEYB was established in 2005 by a group of parents who wanted a different sports program for their kids.  WE have modeled our teams after Historically Black Colleges and Universities in an effort to promote the importance of higher education.  We not only enlighten our youth on HBCU history but we schedule annual visits to a campus for our older participants.  We also offer tutoring and mentor sessions as part of our community outreach programs.  EEYB also promotes support for the community by setting up activities for the kids to give back to the community, through participation in Food Drives, Collecting Funds for displaced families and promoting involvement in the Breast Cancer and Diabetes walks.  EEYB promotes Black History 365 days a year.  Our Motto is “Where Kids Come First”.  We need the help of our community in order to keep our program functioning.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to support us, please visit our website and click on the donation link.

East End Youth Football and Cheerleading Association

Proud to be the newest addition to Metro Youth Football in 2009 with Dorey Park as our home field, we are on a mission to promote improved community relations by demonstrating interest in the youth of our community.  We aim to create an athletic environment which stresses the importance of the TEAM concept but at the same time emphasizes maturing as an individual.  We will encourage mental and physical growth by way of competition, we will nurture good sportsmanship and a sense of fair play, and we will emphasize scholastic achievement and good citizenship.  Ultimately having an atmosphere of hard work, effort, and discipline that permeates throughout our program and out into our community.

East End Express Baseball

Our goal is to improve, both individually and as a team, as the season progresses. We strive to have fun playing the great game of baseball and endeavor to represent ourselves, our families, our community, and our team in a manner that we can be proud of.

The East End Express is a 501 C3 Non-Profit Organization #30-0473255, we could not exist withouth the suppot and generous donations of our sponsors.

Glen Allen Football and Cheerleading Association

The Glen Allen Football and Cheerleading Association is a recreational association that was created in 1996.  Our policy at Glen Allen is to offer football and cheerleading opportunities to as many youth as possible, in which we are proud members of two (2) football leagues, the Metropolitan Youth Football League (MYFL) and The West Richmond Gridiron Youth Football League.

Our Mission: “Encouraging and promoting ideals of good sportsmanship, leadership, honesty and courage for our children, while providing them with a competitive atmosphere to learn and grow”.

We at Glen Allen strive for our families to be PROUD to be a Glen Allen RAVEN!!

Glen Lea Youth Football

Glen Lea Youth Football & Cheering Association was established in Northeastern area of Henrico County over 30 plus years ago. Our association is ran by a group of dedicated volunteers from our President to our coaches. Leading by example and stressing the importants of academics while in a winning environment is our main focus for our youth. Our motto is Leaders Impacting Our Neighborhood Successfully

Glen Lea Travel Baseball 11U

This is a baseball team that can only speak for itself, to come out and watch an all African-Americans compete at the highest level of teams all over the state of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina.  We need more support from our local community to get this sport back in the spotlight.

Hopkins “Bobcat” Athletic Association

The HOPKINS “BOBCAT” ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION is a non-profit organization established to create, organize, sponsor and support youth league baseball, basketball, football, cheerleading and girl’s softball for youth living in the Hopkins Elementary School district. Volunteers strive to teach young boys and girls, through practice and play, the fundamentals of baseball, basketball, football, cheerleading and girl’s softball.  While providing the resources and forum for each child to learn these skills, our goal is to develop in them the ideals of good sportsmanship and citizenship.

i9 Sports

i9 Sports is redefining youth sports across the nation. We believe that participation in an organized youth sport activity is about more than just the sport; it’s about the entire experience for the parent and the child. It’s what we call the i9 Sports Experience.

We believe that sports should be a fun, safe experience where children can learn basic athletic skills and sportsmanship, build friendships, and increase their self-esteem. With our emphasis on fun, instruction and inclusiveness, everyone plays and everyone is made to feel like a winner, regardless of talent level.

We understand that parents’ busy schedules require a program that is well organized, convenient and fits evenly within their family’s plans so that their child’s sport activity doesn’t consume their life. In addition, we pride ourselves on outstanding communication so that the parents will always know what to expect and how to plan for it.

The i9 Sports Experience for Youth includes:

1. Complete Organization and Communication

–Professional management of program details, team rosters and schedules.

–Flexibility to accommodate team assignment with friends, siblings, etc.

–Easy access to the i9 Program Director for quick response to questions or needs.

–24/7 access to the latest schedules, standings and statistics online.

–Proactive communication so parents are always informed about important details.

2.  Absolute Convenience

–Quick and easy registration process online or by phone.

–Minimal practices, usually on game day.

3. A Safe, Supportive Environment

–Certified coaches who have been carefully screened (criminal background check).

–Trained referees/officials at each game.

–Individualized attention and encouragement provided to each player.

–”i9 Parental Pledge” agreement which prohibits sideline negativity and disruption.

4. Quality Instruction in Skills & Good Sportsmanship

–Instruction in the game fundamentals.

–Priority on core values such as sportsmanship, teaming, and fair play over competition.

–Belief that everyone is a winner.

5. Focus on Fun

–No player tryouts or drafts.

–Everyone plays regardless of talent level.

–Free team jersey for each player.

–Game photos posted on the i9 website.

–Recognition and awards for all players.

Impact on People

The programs of the John Cox Sports and Community Program will complement, rather than compete with, the activities currently available to residents of our community.  We will seek to establish collaborative relationships with area schools, existing recreational facilities such as the park and the community, other sport and Police Athletic League, businesses, municipalities and others who are seeking to mee the recreation needs of the Local Community.

John Cox Sports is located in Charles City, Goochland, Henrico, and Richmond, Virginia.  We teach boxing, karate, and youth wrestling.  Summer camps included to keep kids from joining street gangs.  To get involved call Coach John Cox (804) 291-8086

John Cox Sports

The programs of the John Cox Sports and Community Program will complement, rather than compete with, the activities currently available to residents of our community.  We will seek to establish collaborative relationships with area schools, existing recreational facilities such as the park and the community, other sport and Police Athletic League, businesses, municipalities and others who are seeking to mee the recreation needs of the Local Community.

John Cox Sports is located in Charles City, Goochland, Henrico, and Richmond, Virginia.  We teach boxing, karate, and youth wrestling.  Summer camps included to keep kids from joining street gangs.  To get involved call Coach John Cox (804) 291-8086

Kanawha Washington Football Team

The Kanawha Youth Football and Cheerleading Association is a member of and has teams participating in two football leagues in the Richmond area – the Metropolitan Youth Football League (Metro) and The West Richmond Gridiron Youth Football League (Gridiron). Your child will be placed on a team in either the Metro or Gridiron League based on which team will provide him with the best opportunity for a positive experience and substantial playing time based on a number of factors such as age, weight, and prior experience. This will be determined in a joint effort by the Kanawha coaches and athletic director.

The majority of our teams play in the Metropolitan Youth Football League (Metro). We have been a member of Metro since our formation in 1987. We traditionally field 6 teams in Metro: Flags, Pee Wees (JV and Varsity), Midgets (JV and Varsity) and Juniors. Metro has 22 member associations ranging in locations from Goochland to New Kent and from Chesterfield to King William, thus when we play away games the Metro teams may travel quite a distance. There are 8 regular season varsity games, 7 junior varsity games and a chance for post season play for a championship.

The West Richmond Gridiron Youth Football League (Gridiron) was established in 2002 initially to accommodate the tremendous number of Midget aged children (ages 10, 11 and 12) from the western part of Richmond who wanted a chance to play football, but could not because of the restricted ages and weights and number of teams that Metro would allow. By it’s third season, Gridiron had opened up teams to Pee Wees (ages 8 and 9) and Flags (ages 5 ½, 6 and 7) for the same reasons. The associations that have participated in the Gridiron League in the past are Western, Goochland, Tuckahoe and Kanawha. All games are held at these fields, thus limiting travel time greatly. Gridiron league teams play 8 regular season games on Saturdays, post season play and have a Gridiron champion at each level. Additionally, each team will have a highlighted Monday night game of the week under the lights during the season.

Teams in both leagues will practice at Short Pump Park and have home games there. Gridiron determines the number of home games by the number of teams we have participating. Metro teams automatically have 4 home games and 4 away games. All teams wear the uniform of the Kanawha Washington Football Team and all teams are led by qualified and experienced coaches whose mission is to make this a positive, fun filled experience for your child.

Laurel Athletic Association

For over 40 years, Laurel Athletic Association has been serving the West End of Henrico County. Laurel prides itself in providing an atmosphere of positive instruction, knowledge, and confidence in the sports of football and cheerleading.

To contribute in a most worthwhile manner to the education of our youth. To develop high character and moral standards while fostering respect for authority. To create an arena of competitiveness within fair play and good sportsmanship. To preserve the dignity of our youth with an emphasis on having fun through personal achievement and team work, while involving all participants in a balanced and fair manner.

You may contact us at: PO Box 1461, Glen Allen VA 23060,

Reams Road Athletic Association

The mission of Reams Road Athletic Association (”RRAA”) was developed for the purpose of allowing the children of Reams Road district to participate in organized sports.  We offer a full slate of sports programs throughout the school year.

Our programs include football where children ages 5 to 14 are elgible to play in chesterfield county.  Girls and Boys Basketball whereas children 9 to 18 are elgible to play through Reams.  As well as Baseball and Softball.  We also offer football cheerleading for children 5 to 14 years of age.

What makes us unique, is that WE ARE FAMILY ORIENTED. Its all about the children.  Everything we do, we do it for the children.

This is a non profit organization. This organization is run by volunteers of Reams Association to include the President, Vice President and Directors who are all volunteers.  Some of our volunteers do not even have children who play for Reams, they love the kids and thats why they do it.  In every thing we do, we strive for it through our children!

Reasons Athletics

27Reasons Charitable Foundation is designed to teach children and teenagers the growth mechanics of self-discipline and empowerment regardless of socio-economic status or learning impairment. Our organization mission has one goal to: build dreams one heart at a time.

Richmond Heat Basketball

Richmond Heat Basketball is a non-profit organization. This organization is composed of a group of committed coaches, parents and administrators working together to support our young athletes and our community. Richmond Heat’s mission is to teach the youth the fundamentals of the game of basketball which will allow them to improve their skill level and knowledge of the game that they love to play, as well as instilling in them leadership qualities that will help them to become productive citizens in the near future. We need your support as interested parties of our community to help support our youth program. If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation, please visit our website or email us at:

Richmond Metro AAU Basketball

Richmond Metro Basketball Club was established in 1988, one of the very first boys AAU basketball programs in Richmond. It was established by local high school coaches and businessmen. They felt that Virginia players are as competitive as players anywhere. They wanted to give our players the opportunity to improve their basic fundamental skills but also to compete with players in other cities and states around the country.

For the past 16 years Guy and Barbara Buster have been co-directors of the program. They have both sought to continue the tradition of excellence that has been the trademark of the Richmond Metro Basketball program.

As a coach for more than 20 years,Guy has developed a great passion for sharing his love for basketball. His philosophy is to combine basic fundamentals and the learned techniques and skills of basketball with strong performance and competition. He coached recreational ball and high school ball for more than 20 years. He also coached United States Youth Games and Pro-Am basketball.

Barbara handles administration and parent communications. As a former basketball mom , she is able to relate to our current basketball moms and dads by answering many frequently asked questions, addressing common concerns, and offering advice based on her past experiences. She also handles the day to day business end of the program ensuring paperwork is timely, bookeeping accurate, keeping coaches and parent coordinators abreast of rules and upcoming activities and events.

Richmond Metro Basketball desire is to bring players together from different area schools, give them an opportunity to improve their basic fundamental skills and the opportunity to compete with other players from other cities and states around the country. This gives them greater exposure to other races and cultures. This takes them out of their backyard and let them see more of the world. Allowing the players to compete nationally also opens the door for them to be seen by college coaches which enhances their chances of getting college scholarships. Richmond Metro encourages academic as well as athletic excellence.

In our first year of competition, we sent two teams to Nationals. One team competed in Oklahoma while the other competed in Las Vegas. Since our inaugural year, we have sent teams to Nationals, where four teams have brought home the Championship Silver. One team won the National Classic Gold. Others have consistently placed in the top ten.

Richmond Rhythm AAU Basketball Club

The mission of the Richmond Rhythm Basketball Club is to provide players with the opportunity to develop their

overall game and increase self confidence by creating an environment where they can learn, grow, improve

individual skills, develop character and compete against the best athletics in the region and Nation.

Our goal is to provide a well-organized quality basketball program for youth boys that offer advance instruction in

basketball fundamentals and team play concepts.

This instruction plays along with participation and exposure in competitive tournaments will help prepare our players for the next level of their careers.  We believe through the challenging practices and travel experience, the

players develop leadership skill, confidence and exposure to new experiences, which will assist them in their future development.

The Richmond Rhythm Basketball Club is in its third year and is affiliated with the National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)and the United States Basketball Association (USBA).

Special Olympics Virginia Urban Programs

We provide year round sports training and local athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for youth with intellectual disabilities.

Team Richmond Boys Basketball

Team Richmond is a boys AAU basketball organization for ages 9-17.

As its central mission, Team Richmond uses basketball as a means to teach young men life skills that can be applied to challenges they will face in their adult lives.  Positive character development, good work habits, self motivation and leadership are all attributes our coaches and players are trying to instill and learn.   Team Richmond was founded in 2001 and is a not for profit organization affiliated with the National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU).

Tuckahoe Youth Football Association

The Tuckahoe Youth Football and Cheerleading Association is a recreational association that was created in 1972.  Our policy at Tuckahoe is to offer football and cheerleading opportunities to as many youth as possible, in which we are proud members of two (2) football leagues, the Metropolitan Youth Football League (MYFL) and The West Richmond Gridiron Youth Football League.

We have a permanent field located at Pouncey Tract Park on Pouncey Tract Road (beside Short Pump Middle School). It boasts a 100-yard lighted game field, and 80-yard and 50-yard lighted practice fields. We offer a full range of food and beverages at our concession stand. Restrooms are conveniently located behind the field house with easy access to the football fields.

All teams wear the uniform of the Tuckahoe Tomahawks and all teams are led by qualified and experienced coaches whose mission is to make this a positive and fun filled experience for your child.

Union Cross Bobcats Football/Cheer/Dance

The specific purpose of the football program is to familiarize participants with the fundamentals of football & cheerleading and excel in life opportunities.  We also intend to provide an opportunity for all children to play the game in a supervised, organizes, in a safe manner, and to keep the welfare of our participants free of any adult ambitions or personal glory.

Our Mission –  The Union Cross Bobcats are committed to promoting youth welfare, primarily through organized athletic programs, spirit and cheerleading, mentoring, tutoring, and any other activities in which the organization may become interested.

Statement of Purpose – The Union Cross Bobcats Organization was born through the need for organized sports in the eastern segment of Kernersville, resulting from an expanding population and the purpose of developing players in academics along with athletics. Our community is a diverse one, serving many nationalities of children. The board recognizes that the future of our youth is at stake and it is vital that they are successful in all opportunities. Our board consists of professionals from various entities throughout the city including, the American Express personnel, Banking personnel, Winston-Salem Forsyth County School system, Mental Health, City/County Operations and other private businesses.

VA Stars

We are a non-profit 501-C organization formed under  Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). This organization emphasizes the importance of continuing education, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

We are looking to bring athletes into the program who understand the level of commitment and dedication needed to excel both on and off the court.  Players will participate in major tournaments that attract the best competition.  Our players will be introduced to concepts that will equip them with the knowledge, skill and ability to compete at a high level.

We will also strive to increase our players’ exposure, making it possible for recruiters to see and evaluate their talent. We are committed to providing the opportunity for our players to earn a scholarship to continue their education while trying to reach their full basketball potential.

VA Storm Girls AAU Basketball Association

The Virginia Storm is an organization formed to develop positive values in youth through team sports. The Virginia Storm offers valuable opportunities for our youth ages 10-16 in the Chester/Chesterfield area. Through our basketball program, we strive to develop not only athletic skills, but also the positive values of sportsmanship, physical fitness, team play, competitive spirit, and loyalty. Qualities that can be instilled in our youth through their “tournament” experiences and will only enhance their success in many phases of their life path.

Varina Athletics Association

Varina Athletics Youth Football & Cheering Association is a proud organization. Our mission is to provide our youths with a safe environment, develop high character, moral standards, fair play, respect for authority, love for God, family and country.

Our vision is not only to give every child that has the desire to play football the opportunity, but to BUILD CHAMPIONS OF LIFE. Our Varina Blue Devils (mini -V’s) are boys and girls from 5 to 14 years of age.  Although building champions of life is our vision our outstanding organization has developed players for the NFL and colleges like Michigan, Virginia Tech, Florida State, North Carolina State, Clemson and many more. Give us a season and you will see the reason our organization is a cut about the rest. Go Blue Devils!!!

Virginia Randolph Athletic Association

The Virginia Randolph Athletic Association has been in existence for 30 years. Providing youths in the Richmond area with a place to play football and basketball in an enriching environment with adults who truly care about the kids!

Western Youth Football Association

The Western Youth Football Association will provide an enjoyable learning experience for area youth, teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play, dedication ad the game of football.  The Association was formed and is operated under the premise that the best interests of the players and cheerleaders come first and that any and all efforts undertaken by the Association will support the following as its one and only priority… THE KIDS COME FIRST!