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It was already written in the stars. A new study discovered that amongst the world’s wealthiest billionaires these signs are destined to be rich. Whether you believe in the sun, the stars and the moon is irrelevant, the statistics don’t lie. Check out a ranking of the wealthiest signs inside.

If you ever wondered which star signs are destined to be wealthy, this list will shock you. New research found that Taurus’ are most likely to be rich and money making Capricorns are the least rich star sign. The study by experts at JeffBet used Forbes’ ‘Richest World’s Billionaires List’ to identify the birthdays and star signs of the world’s richest people. Based on the number of times a star sign appears in this list and each sign’s collective average net worth, they were ranked in order of wealthiness.

The study has found that among the world’s richest billionaires, those born between April 20th and May 20th have the highest average net worth, making Taurus the richest star sign.

The sign averages a net worth of a staggering $6.35 billion. All189 Tauruses identified on the list have a total combined net worth of approximately $1.2 trillion.

“It is surprising to see Taurus crowned as the richest star sign, as Tauruses are often very laidback and arguably the laziest of all the zodiacs,” a spokesperson from JeffBet shared in a statement. “However, there is no doubt that a Taurus’ relentless determination, often seen as stubbornness, is a trait shared among the most successful people in the world.”

In second place is Pisces, those born between February 19th and March 20th, with an average net worth of $6.06 billion among all 196 identified on the list. The total net worth of all Pisces on the list comes to a staggering $1.18 trillion.

The star sign Cancer takes third place, with a $5.88 billion average net worth. There were 190 Cancers identified on the list, those born between June 22nd and July 22nd, with a total net worth of approximately $1.11 trillion between them.

Following behind are Aries, Libra, Virgos, Geminis, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively.

Check out the full ranking list below:

Rank Star Sign Average Net Worth
1 Taurus $6,353,439,153
2 Pisces $6,063,265,306
3 Cancer $5,881,578,947
4 Aries $5,839,285,714
5 Libra $5,577,990,431
6 Leo $5,544,642,857
7 Virgo $5,266,822,430
8 Scorpio $5,196,045,198
9 Gemini $5,157,731,959
10 Aquarius $4,522,089,552
11 Sagittarius $4,040,223,464
12 Capricorn $3,091,803,279

This list was created using Forbes Richest World’s Billionaire list. They based their findings on the number of times each star sign appears in the list and ranked them in order of wealth.

Of the 2,781 billionaires listed, there are 82 for whom the birthdate is not given, so they have been left out of the study. For families (e.g. Bernard Arnault & Family) the birth date and star sign of the named individual was used (i.e. Bernard Arnault). Star signs were ranked by the number of billionaires, their total net worth, their mean net worth, and their median net worth.

Comment your star sign below.

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