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Fans of Roc-A-Fella Records should be familiar with the name Oschino, who spent time on the label as part of the State Property collective. Via a new interview, Oschino shared that he felt Jay-Z betrayed Beanie Sigel during a tough time for the Philadelphia star.

Oschino sat down with the SAY CHEESE! YouTube show to discuss his rise as a rapper, signing with Roc-A-Fella, auditioning for Jay-Z, and more. During the portion when he discussed his time under the Brooklyn mogul’s label, Oschino expressed disappointment in the honcho for not stepping up during Beanie Sigel’s attempted murder trial.

“I came to court for Beanie when he allegedly shot somebody,” Oschino Vasquez said. “JAY-Z got on the stand and they said, ‘Are you gonna be responsible for him if we let him go?’ Jay-Z said, ‘No.’ I was there. This ain’t hearsay; this was me in the courtroom.”

Vasquez went on to say that he was shocked that Jay-Z wouldn’t tell the court that he would step up and assist Beanie Sigel in his return to public life, stating that his time in jail raised him to view such matters differently.

He continued, “And nobody didn’t say nothing, nobody flinched. Mind you, I’m a jail n*gga so I’m looking around like, ‘Nobody not saying nothing?!’ Like it was normal.”

Check out Oschino’s interview speaking about the matter below.

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