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Steve Stoute x Club Shay Shay

Source: YouTube / Club Shay Shay

The origin of the long-running feud between 50 Cent and Ja Rule was revealed by Steve Stoute in a recent chat with Shannon Sharpe.

The bad blood between 50 Cent and Ja Rule has been a constant source of news over the years, with no one truly understanding the reasons why. But industry music veteran and UnitedMasters CEO Steve Stoute shone a light on the roots of it during his appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast this past Wednesday (March 6) when the host asked. “That’s a good question,” Stoute said. “I think 50 knew that Ja was not who he was portraying as an image. Ja [was a] Jehovah’s Witness… I’m not saying they not supposed to rap, but Ja was coming up with this gangster image. It was like, ‘That’s a stretch for you…’ They had some very neighborhood beef.”

Stoute continued as the two rode through the borough of Queens that both MCs hail from: “I remember when we signed 50 there was something going on. I think he snatched Ja’s chain, or somebody snatched somebody’s…And then they had a fight in Atlanta…and it was just like, I never understood it. I was like, ‘Why do you keep having problems with this guy?’ It was like he was always looking for problems…I think it was driven by this idea that this image he was portraying he didn’t think was authentic…It led to big issues. Ja and his guys ran up on 50 in the studio one day. They touched him up.”

Shannon then said, “Oh, so they’re never gonna be cool,” to which Stoute replied, “They’re never gonna be cool, and now, I’m happy that it’s all kind of over with,” he said. “What I don’t like at this point as older statesmen is…it makes the art form look bad. These guys are made men now…The leaders of the art form doin well, being positive, representing…the movement and the culture of Hip Hop well. For guys still to be beefing and still…dragging that back in…you in your 40s, bro. What are you talking about? You got kids at home.” Stoute also made headlines with his take on Dame Dash, which led to Dash replying via Instagram: “This is the reason I had to smack the shit out of @stevestoute a couple years ago…because he’s always speaking on other men’s business. good thing I’ve evolved.”

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