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Carmelo Anthony may never get the flowers that he deserves due to his inability to carry a team (or “super team” that he never really had for that matter) to an NBA Championship, but the man is a legend in his own right and though he’s no longer playing in the NBA, that’s not keeping him from opining about today’s players and his experiences in the game.

Lately Melo’s been raising some eyebrows with his stories and hot takes on his podcast 7PM In Brooklyn, and in it’s latest episode, Carmelo Anthony and his co-host The Kid Mero continue to discuss a range of NBA related topics such as LeBron James reaching that elusive 40,000 career point mark, what the San Antonio Spurs should do to help Victor Wembanyama future with the franchise and Melo’s 1-on-1 games with the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan (lucky bastard!).

Going back-and-forth with their takes on today’s biggest topics in the NBA, the two men ultimately landed on LeBron being the first player in NBA history to reach 40,000 career points and Melo feels that “First of all 40K is crazy. That is crazy. We will never see that. No one is touching that 40K.” Interestingly enough LeBron isn’t being celebrated as much as he should be for reaching that milestone even in this day and age of social media. Just more proof that the LeBron hate is hella real. Give that man his respect.

Aside from discussing LeBron’s legacy and how he’s been making history damn near every season for the past few years, Melo and Mero got into a few other subjects such as the idea of pairing Victor Wembanyama with the Atlanta Hawks star point guard, Trae Young; his favorite Jordan brand sneaker silhouette from his signature line; and of course his 1-on-1 games with Michael Jordan.

Check out the full interview below and let us know your thoughts on the episode in the comments section.

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