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Source: Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin / Getty / Kanye West / Bianca Censori

Kanye West continues to flaunt his wife Bianca Censori’s goodies to us, and now some of his fans are worried.

Regarding his wife, Ye does not leave much to the imagination. Recently, the problematic Chicago rapper has been sharing risqué photos of Censori, which is confusing the hell out of his fans.

West, who loves to galavant around in leggings and sneaker socks, giving real cult leader vibes, dropped new photos of his wife rocking nothing but a thong one-piece, leather gimp mask, and boots, probably from his awful collection.

In one photo showing off Censori’s cheeks, Ye wrote in the caption, “Cream of wheat.”

Bianca, Blink If You Need Help

While his fans don’t see anything wrong with his behavior or how he chooses to show his wife to the world, there are some in the comment section who are genuinely worried about Censori.

“What’s really sad is that this lady looks like she is being trafficked. She looks like she’s being ordered to do these things. She doesn’t appear to be happy at all. She’s never smiling or even smizing in none of her photos. Her eyes are telling us the story, but we are not listening. He clearly doesn’t honor her, because if he did, he wouldn’t want 2 million men gawking at his wife. It’s one thing to be proud of and think that your wife is all of that and a big bag of chips, but it’s another thing to parade her around as if she’s a circus attraction. I’m saddened for her,” one comment read.

Another commenter asked, “Why should u want to post ur wife in this fashion bro?”

“Gurl blink if you need help, say angel throw up the middle finger! Say something in gibberish! SOS, whatever, just let us know, boo!” another commenter said.

Are They Exhibitionists?

We have no clue what’s going on with the couple, but maybe they are exploring exhibitionism. Not too long, West got caught with his pants down, getting his mic rocked during a private boat ride in Italy.

Just recently, TMZ spotted the couple wearing raincoats. Censori’s was see-through, and she was only sporting boots, some underwear, and no bra.


He most recently directed the paparazzi on how to shoot him and his wife as they walked through a parking lot. LOL

Things will only get weirder as Ye gears up to finally drop his often-delayed Ty Dolla $ign project Vultures, which he recently shared a bizarre trailer for.

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