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Idris Elba Launches His Campaign Against Knife Crime in London

Idris Elba is urging United Kingdom officials to get tougher on so-called “zombie” knives in the wake of a spate of stabbings across London and the wider region. The celebrated actor is spearheading a campaign that hopes to quell knife crime.

Idris Elba sat down with BBC Radio 4 for a discussion where he spoke about his Don’t Stop Your Future campaign and expressed that he’s using his platform and ability to get messages spread wide to call on the government to crack down on zombie knives.

For those unaware, zombie knives feature a serrated edge, a cutting edge, and violent words and imagery emblazoned upon them. The zombie style is also seen in machetes as well.

Per the BBC, Elba, 51, attended a demonstration at Parliament Square on Monday (June 8) where the victims of stabbings were represented by way of clothes laid out on a lawn. The hope is to gain the attention of Members of Parliament (MPs) returning from the holiday recess.

More from BBC:

The actor told the BBC a planned change to the law, which would introduce the ban, needs to be fast-tracked.

He accused politicians of not giving the issue “the focus it deserves”.

The Home Office said on Monday in a statement it “will not hesitate to do more to keep our streets safe”.

It said bans on zombie and cyclone knives are already in place “and work under way to extend this to include zombie-style machetes”.

Idris Elba is set to release a new music single titled “Knives Down” with the backing of his Don’t Stop Your Future campaign.

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