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Joseline Hernandez sat down with Carlos King for an in-depth interview where she recounted her journey to becoming the people’s Puerto Rican Princess. 

The former Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star gave King a look into what she was feeling while becoming famous at a time when social media gave anyone a chance to criticize her. She explained that there was a “person behind the personality” and recalled some incidents that hurt her. 

Joseline Hernandez explained what it was like to connect with Stevie J as a twenty-something Atlanta transplant and when she knew it was time to walk away from the popular reality series he introduced her to. 

She revealed what it was like to build her reality show and discussed her upbringing in Puerto Rico. Hernandez was highly vulnerable during the conversation. At one point, she became emotional talking about her relationship with her mother and her standards for herself as a mother.  

See what juicy tidbits Hernandez shared in the interview below. 

Joseline Hernandez explained why she decided to address rumors she was not a cis-woman with a naked photo. 

The arrival of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta came with a flood of rumors, including one about breakout star Hernandez. 

“People were like, oh, she a man, people were like, Joseline’s a man, and I knew that was so ridiculous.” 

Hernandez reminded King that she shut the rumors down by posting a picture of herself naked. “Every question went out the door. They were like, hold up we got this wrong,” she said, laughing on the couch in a black satin gown. 

“I posted a picture of me on Twitter naked because I just felt like the world needed to know. Was it a risky thing to do? Absolutely. But was I looking fine as all outdoors? Absolutely. And would I do it again? Absolutely,” she continued. 

Joseline Hernandez Met Stevie J Less Than Two Weeks Before Being Cast on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

Stevie J. + Joseline Hernandez Host Gold Room

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Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s inaugural season features Hernandez, Stevie J, and Mimi Faust in an intense love triangle. Hernandez revealed that was not the case when she was brought into casting. 

“I didn’t f*ck him before he took me to Mona. He didn’t get no p*ssy, he didn’t get no head, he pulled his d*ck out on me in the studio, or whatever, and obviously nothing happened ’cause honey, I’m a lady,” Hernandez told King. 

The two formed a friendship after she approached him about working together, and that grew into a relationship, according to Hernandez. 

She said Faust was not “being messy” and that they clashed over Mimi “trying to figure out what was going on.” 

She said she was not initially attracted to Stevie J

King inquired if Hernandez was intimate with Stevie J out of a sense of gratitude for placing her in front of the producers. She indicated that their relationship evolved slowly.   

“I never really liked him at the beginning, but I’m like that,” Hernandez replied. “They have to make me like them.” 

“I’ve always been the creator of the whole situation, so for me it’s like I really don’t see a guy and be like, ooo I like him – no,” she continued. She explained that she had missed out on the peak of his fame and power in the music industry and was unaware of who he was before they met. 

“I thought he was kind of lame. I thought he was just like a regular guy,” said Hernandez. “Never did I think I was gonna have a baby by that fool.” 

She also said he was a fun guy, and shortly after spending a significant amount of time hanging out, they started sleeping together. The Joseline’s Caberet creator also revealed details about a steamy threesome she once had with Stevie J and Mimi. While she says she goes into great detail in her upcoming book, she did tease she’s had “better head.”

Joseline Hernandez Had Boss-Level Aspirations Long Before Her Cabaret 

Hernandez was actually trying to manage another artist before she showed up on VH1. She was trying to manage a singer who was the daughter of one of her fellow dancers at Onyx in Atlanta when she came across Stevie J 

“I did music, and I wanted to do music, but I always felt like I was a better handler than anything,” she told King. “I could handle business, I could do my shit, I could make things pop off, and I could seal a deal.” 

She was in search of a producer who could take her artist into the studio. She approached a friend of hers named GB, who introduced her to Stevie J. He recognized her star power immediately. “He told me I don’t want to work with the girl, I want to work with you. You the superstar,” Hernandez recalled Stevie J telling her. 

Production Realized Her Star Power As Well – And They Paid For It

2015 BET Awards - Arrivals

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“Within the first week, I went from making $1500 per episode to making $11,000 per episode in a week,” Hernandez said. “I didn’t ask for them to bump me up; they bumped me up.” 

She claimed that by the end of the second season, they were paying her $20,000 per episode and that she was making $50,000 per episode when she chose to leave. “They were just throwing money at me.” 

She explained why she chose to leave. “It was time for me to do something different,” she said. “I just had Bonnie (her daughter), and I just wanted more,” Hernandez added. 

Carlos King and Mona Scott Young Tried To “Humanize” Joseline Hernandez on The Series 

King described an emotional scene featuring Hernandez discussing her experience as a teenage runaway that wound up on the cutting room. 

“We all fought for that to make air,” King said. “The owners of the company at that time said it didn’t fit into the episode.” 

“We have to humanize her,” he recalled saying. “We wanted that to be seen because I felt like that would explain why Joseline is tough and why she feels the need to go hard.” 

Hernandez cried, revisiting her “rough childhood” and her issues with her mother. 

“I just feel like a lot of moms don’t take responsibility for them not taking care of or guiding their kids the way they need to be guided,” she said. “I just felt like I could have been so much further in life if she was just a better mom.” 

The Rick Ross Rumors Are False

Hernandez made it clear that she is selective about who she chooses to date. 

“I’ve been with every little bit of two men this whole time I’ve been famous,” she told King. 

He followed up by asking her about the rumors that she may have had a tryst with Rick Ross between splitting with Stevie J and connecting with her husband, DJ Ballistic. 

Stevie J called out Hernandez and Rick Ross for posing for a picture together that Stevie J appeared to deem suggestive in 2016. In the picture, which includes both Monica and Anthony Hamilton, the hand of Ross slightly grazes the hip of Hernandez. 

She denied it flatly. “No, we never did,” she told King. “I can take a lie detector test.” 

Hernandez did express a friendly appreciation for Ross’s personality. “He’s cool, he’s sweet. I hung out with him a couple of times at his house parties that I was invited to, but no, we never had anything going.” 

Joseline’s Cabaret Owes Its Success To A Run-In At A Dog Park 

Hernandez gave King his flowers for connecting her to the CEO of Lemuel Plummer. He said that he did not publicize his involvement in the show because he was there to serve. 

After being playfully prodded by Hernandez to take credit, King shared that he was looking for Plummer to connect him with Hernandez, and they connected at a dog park. 

Watch the full interview between King and Hernandez below. 


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