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Amanda dives into the latest headlines including insights into the potential strength of the Black vote for Trump in 2024, and Steve Harvey’s surprising apology.

Tune in to discover why President Biden won’t centralize his legal problems in his re-election campaign. Uncover the complexities of child support as Halle Berry’s case is examined, prompting discussions on whether men should receive child support/alimony. Join in the Big Up Let Down segment celebrating Sha’Carri Richardson and Jamaican runners, while addressing KFC’s letdown. Explore current events like Hurricane Katrina’s 2005 landfall and the UNC shooting update.

Dive into pop culture, from KeKe Palmer’s “Dirty30” pics to discussions on identity and feelings. Engage with the audience through phone calls and segments like “The Word of the Day” and “Politicians Say the Smartest Things.”

It’s time to Listen, Learn, and Laugh!




  • 2:47 – MAGA Republicans say the Black vote will come out strong for Trump in 2024.  And who compared Trump to Tupac?
  • 7:30 – 60 Second Headlines
  • 9:54 – Why is Steve Harvey Apologizing?
  • 13:58 – We’ll take your calls… #MovingOn #Relatoinshps
  • 17:28 – Happy Birthday Michael Jackson
  • 19:23. – Pres. Biden will not make Pres. Biden’s Legal Problems Central to His Pitch for Re-election… Find out why.
  • 23:28 – Halle Berry has been ordered to her ex-husband $8,000 a month… Should men receive child support/alimony.
  • 25:42 – The Big Up Let Down. Big Up to Sha’Carri Richardson and the Jamaican Runners. KFC – let SOME of the people down.
  • 30:13 – We are taking your calls… #Loversandfriends
  • 33:08 – On this day in 2005 Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana.
  • 35:47 – There was a fatal shooting at UNC… Here’s an update.
  • 39:44 – Keke Palmer and her “Dirty30” pics…. Did you see the tattoo under her butt? Is she still with her Baby Daddy?
  • 43:06 – How Black Do You Feel Today? Amanda and Jeremiah break it down.
  • 45:19 – We’ll take your calls. #FavoriteTeacher
  • 48:53 – The Word of the Day
  • 50:59 – Politicians Say the Smartest Things – Tenn. State Rep. Justin Jones! #GunControl
  • 54:14 – Thanks for listening to The Amanda Seales Show!





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