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Judge Greg Mathis

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TV’s Judge Mathis thinks that Ashanti should serve Irv Gotti a cease and desist letter when it comes to his loose lips on their past relationship.

“If she feels she’s being defamed, she should perhaps send a cease and desist if nothing else, hoping that they’ll honor the law. Because cease-and-desist order is just that, a law. So that would be my suggestion prior to moving further, just send a cease-and-desist and hope they honor that now.”

Irv Gotti made headlines last week by spilling his tea on a relationship with Ashanti…while he was married. During the Drink Champs podcast, Gotti mentions he was in love with Ashanti and revealed that they were intimate during her career with Murder Inc. At one point he admitted that right before Ashanti recorded her song, “Happy” that they were intimate. He stated that while he was in the shower after having sex with her, the melody came to him, and he immediately called his producer to craft the song. Then it was presented to the singer so she could write to it.

Ashanti has responded by encenuating that Irv is delusional and the relationship was a brief fling.

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