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Black Women Talk Tech is a collective of Black women tech founders who have a unique understanding of the challenges we face in the industry, but also of the advantages we can bring. We’re here to identify, support, and encourage black women to build the next billion-dollar business. Our network has grown to include over 80,000 founders and professionals across our social networks and more than 2,000 community members. Looking to level up in tech? Check out our on-demand webinars and rewatch over 150 hours of BWTT conference content in our Membership Community.

There wasn’t a roadmap to billions designed for us, so we created our own. That’s how Black Women Talk Tech began. We created a tech conference designed specifically for Black women tech entrepreneurs to create a space where black women could for once, be seen and heard and have their ideas invested in. Our conference is now the largest convening of Black women tech entrepreneurs and technologists.

Today, our mission is to help Black women dream big and build the next billion-dollar tech or scalable company.

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