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Donald Trump in Nevada.

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Donald Trump nominated Gen. Mark Milley as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs but then-Defense Secretary James Mattis objected to his selection. Nearly three years later, Milley, who accompanied the President to his infamous photo-op at St. John’s Church during the George Floyd protests, has become one of Trump’s harshest critics in the slew of scathing books based on the final months of the Trump presidency.

According to the book “I Alone Can Fix It,” Milley was deeply concerned Trump and his allies might attempt a coup after the November 2020 election, and he compared Trump’s lies and rhetoric about election fraud to the same type of rhetoric used by Adolf Hitler as he rose to power in Germany.

Also according to the book, Milley told his aides “This is a Reichstag moment, the gospel of the Führer.”

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