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You just knew there had to be more to this story. Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena are getting divorced, and word is that the latter getting another woman pregnant is what sparked the sudden split.


Our peeps at Madame Noire reported the tea:

Apparently, the more to the story has come to the light.

According to The Neighborhood Talk, the reason Erica might not want Safaree in the room is because he apparently impregnated another woman, according to a source close to the couple. That was all the information they shared but given the sudden split, after the couple had that photoshoot and Erica was defending their union, it could make sense.

Not to mention, we’ve all seen the back and forth between Mena and Samuels, including Safaree’s thoughts on his marriage being the biggest mistake of his life.

Even friends of Erica, have suggested that there is a legitimate reason for Safaree to be excluded from the birth.

Yeah, that’ll do it.

While Samuels has been saying all the right things (asking for joint custody and to be in the deliver room), a potential side-baby is making him look extra funny in the light.

No woman wants negative energy in the space where she is giving birth, particularly if it’s the father of said child who happened to create another child with another woman. Now we’re not saying Safaree shouldn’t be involved at all, but that’s a wild predicament the guy has created, allegedly.

Safaree Samuels has denied the allegations. “I have 1 baby about to be born,” he wrote on Instagram. “Stop spreading [cap.]” Only addressing [because] of a dumb a** family member who I just blocked.”

But will Mona-Scott Young have cameras in the delivery room, though?


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