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Derek Chauvin mugshot

Source: Minnesota Department of Corrections / Minnesota Department of Corrections

According to TMZ, Attorney Benjamin Crumps says that Derek Chauvin has no chance to successfully win an appeal on his guilty verdict after juror #52’s interview with Gayle King. During that interview with Gayle King on CBS, Brandon Mitchell was asked if he felt any pressure to reach a guilty verdict ‘because he knew the world was watching’.

Mitchell replied: ‘Not at all. And I don’t think any of us felt like that. I for sure did not. I for sure did not feel like that. The pressure more so came from just being in the room and being under stress. But it wasn’t pressure to come to a guilty verdict.’

Mitchell continued: ‘We were just stressed about just the simple fact that every day we had to come in and watch a Black man die. That alone is stressful. Coming in each and every day and having to watch somebody die is stressful enough by itself.’

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