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Drake has a decent history of cracking jokes and having a sense of humor about things, but the King of The North didn’t appreciate comedian TravQue’s guerilla tactics to get laughs at his expense.

Recently the comedian known for pretending to be an up and coming rapper only to recite lyrics to rappers that belong to them, tried to troll Drake by sticking him with the tab at a bar. Standing next to Drizzy and telling the waitress to bless him with “2,000 cases of Virginia Black, 40 cases of Bumbu, and three cases of tequila,” Trav immediately follows up his request by pointing to Drake and saying “and put it on his tab! He said he got it.”

Visibly shocked and annoyed by the sudden left turn, Drake brushes Trav aside telling him “relax” bro before Trav begins reciting Drizzy’s lyrics to him before Drake swipes at the camera man.


TravQue is lucky Drizzy’s goons weren’t around to drag him out the bar for playing too much. Too bad we ain’t get a video of Trav explaining the comedic situation to him to see Drizzy’s reaction to everything.

Here’s another funny video of Trav having fun with Cam’ron’s pockets in the club with Killa trying to be as calm as possible.

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