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Source: Lil Nas X / Columbia Records

Nike is doubling down on its stance with Lil Nas X and MSCHF’s modified “Satan Shoes.” Now the sports apparel giant is suing MSCHF for trademark infringement for using the Nike Airmax 97 shoes to create their “blood shoes” and for tricking consumers into thinking Nike approved of the design and will market and sell them.

Nike released a statement distancing themselves from the devilish project, now the company wants to stop the sale of the shoes. The Nike Swoosh is still a part of X’s shoe’s design, making it seem as if Nike is okay with the modified creation and the sale of it.

Although Nas X isn’t named in the lawsuit he did acknowledge it with a Spongebob meme on social media which insinuated he would be broke after the Nike lawsuit.

Would you purchase the Lil Nas X/MSCHF “Satan Shoe?”

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