Faizon Love - KISS Richmond

Source: courtesy of Radio One Richmond

Faizon Love had a lot to say about JAY-Z’s drug-dealing past during his VladTV interview. Love claims that JAY-Z never “lived a street life” but that he’s to blame for glamorizing the “drug lord.”  “I criticize him for it because it’s kinda his fault,” Faizon told VladTV. “Jay-Z creates this drug dealing drug lord, I’ma drug dealer, I’ma drug lord. These kids are like, ‘We gotta do it, too.’ Not knowing that this is all made up sh*t.”

When Vlad mentioned that JAY-Z’s street partner De-Haven, Faizon said that De-Haven was the dealer and JAY-Z “just stood around eating chips.”

Do you think Faizon is right about JAY-Z?

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