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Woman Who Sat Behind Donald Trump Is A Trump-Loving Failed Canidate


We didn’t watch Donald Trump’s trainwreck disguised as a town hall, but those who did couldn’t but notice the one woman behind the “president” passionately nodding in agreement with every ridiculous lie he said.

The woman who donned a red mask stuck out like a sore thumb, showing her support for the super-spreader-in-chief was revealed to be a failed Trump-loving congressional candidate who ran back in 2018. The Miami Herald outed the head-nodder as Mayra Joli, a native of the Dominican Republic, and revealed she flopped big time when she ran for Congress two years ago as a Trump-boot licking “Independent.” Joli hilariously was only able to get less than three percent of the vote against Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL) and Republican Maria Elvira Salazar.

After the town hall that saw moderator Savannah Guthrie pound Trump with questions he failed to answer, Joli can be heard kissing her favorite president’s butt, telling him, “We have your back!.” You see, you see, you are the best.” Trump thanked Joli, telling her, “I appreciate all the support.”

When she is not agreeing with the nonsense that Trump spews on national television or wasting people’s time by running for office, Joli is an immigration lawyer (go figure) and is Miami’s self-proclaimed ““master of selfies.”


Oh, and by the way, Biden’s town hall beat Trump’s town hall in the tv ratings department. We’re sure that hurt his feelings BIGKLY. Just saying.


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