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Donald Trump’s contempt for Puerto Ricans, Mexicans and basically anyone from a “shit hole” country has been well-documented ever since he announced his Presidential campaign back in 2015.

Since taking office in 2016 he’s done everything in his power to punish any man, woman, and child who dares to be born with brown skin and Latino roots including separating families at the border, slow walking aid to Puerto Rico after being rocked by natural disasters, and even denying Puerto Ricans stimulus checks at a time when they’ve needed it the most. But just when you thought he couldn’t be anymore racist towards American Latinos, the former chief of staff under former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Mile Taylor, revealed that Donald Trump was serious about riding America of it’s ties to the island of Puerto Rico with hopes of swapping it for the Caucasian filled island of Greenland.

Yes, Donald Trump was serious about America adding Greenland to it’s territory.

According to Crooks and Liars, Taylor told MSNBC that Donald Trump’s distain for Puerto Rico and it’s people runs so deep that he wanted to know if it was possible to basically trade Puerto Rico for Greenland because Puerto Ricans were “dirty” and “poor.”

“Not only did he want to purchase Greenland, he actually said he wanted to see if we could sell Puerto Rico,” Taylor said. “Could we swap Puerto Rico for Greenland because, in his words, Puerto Rico was dirty and the people were poor?”

“The president expressed deep animus towards the Puerto Rican people behind the scenes. These are people who were recovering from the worst disaster of their lifetimes. He is their president. He should be standing by them, not trying to sell them off to a foreign country.”

Trump for his part called Miles Taylor a “lowlife” and claimed to have never met him even though the two have pictures together with their thumbs up during “better” days.

This is just the latest example of Trump doing the best he can to make America white again as he’s done everything from deporting tens of thousands of Haitians after terminating the Temporary Protected Status they received in 2010 to the now infamous child separation policy instilled at the boarder to punish Latino immigrants fleeing the violence engulfing Central America. That’s not even taking into account the countless Latino immigrants this administration deported even though many of them were hard working men and women who’ve never run afoul of the law. Don’t even get us started on immigrant children having to appear in court without any kind of legal representation on their behalf to make their case to stay in the US.

But trying to bubble off a whole island because of it’s brown inhabitants is next level racist. Unfortunately still many Ricans in the states support Donald Trump and his racist policies, but after learning of his diabolical plan to trade their home for “greener pastures,” we wonder if that will change their minds. Geraldo Rivera should be a good indicator of how Trump supporting Boricuas will react to this horrifying revelation.

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