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Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Oukast is arguable one of the most important Hip Hop duo’s to ever bless rap. Andre 3000 and Big Boi formed Outkast  in 1992 in East Point, Georgia. The two helped shape the sound of southern hip hop during a time when the musical influence mostly came from the north. But years later, Outkast is known to birth a new generation of artists, while fans still beg for their return. In honor of the legendary duo, here are 5 things you might not have known about Outkast.

1. Outkast first went by the name 2 Shade Deep as references to their skin color.

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2. Outkast’s first appearance was on the remix to TLC’s “What About Your Friends.”

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3. L.A. Reid did not want to sign OutKast when he first heard them.

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4. Andre gave up smoking and drinking after the first album dropped.

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5. Outkast wrote a script for a movie to accompany the ‘Aquemini’ album. That movie would eventually turn into “Idlewild.”

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