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Source: Apple / iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone users who are pulled over can record a video of their interactions with police by saying, “Hey Siri! I’m being pulled over!” The feature is part of an iPhone app called “Shortcuts,” which — like its name implies — allows users to initiate tasks that would normally require several actions. Although recent stories of violence and racial injustice at the hands of police officers have resulted in a rise in the app’s popularity, it’s actually been around since 2018, according to iPhone user Robert Peterson.

After recording a person’s interaction with an officer, the app can be programmed to automatically send a copy of the video to a pre-designated person, Peterson says. It also turns down any music that may be playing and puts the phone in “do not disturb” mode so the officer won’t get agitated by incoming calls. Unfortunately, Android users will have to take their chances with police; Shortcuts is only available for Apple customers.

How would you expect an officer to react if he knew you were capturing him or her on video? Do you use your phone to record conversations?

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