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If art imitates life, Janelle Monae is living in the real life Twillight Zone kinda, sorta like her character in Amazon Prime’s captivating thriller Homecoming. The Grammy nominated singer turned actress doesn’t know what day it is amid the coronavirus pandemic and neither do we. Similar to her Homecoming character Jackie, who watch awake in a “rowboat adrift in a lake,” she is trying to make sense of the unfamiliar world around her.

Homecoming, based on the popular Podcast of the same name, explores the traumas of war, military industrial complex and affects of PTSD, is entering season two on May 22 with Jackie (Monae) in search of her identity. Alongside Stephan James, who reprises his role as Walter Cruz, the duo create intriguing chemistry in this perplexing series. We caught up with the talented beauty, who revealed she was intimidated by the role, how she’s handling the coronavirus quarantine and how a healthy sex life is apart of self-care.

“I don’t know who I am right now. I don’y know what time it is. I don’t know what universe I am in. It feels like I’m in the Twillight Zone,” Monae jokes about how she’s functioning amid the pandemic. Like the rest of us, she feels like she is in an alternate universe.

Monae steps into a character who is unlike herself and makes questionable decisions she wouldn’t necessarily make herself. They’re worlds apart, but share a commonality. “I was scared of Jackie, very scared of her. We’re not that much alike. You find the character waking up in a boat disorientated — I mean right now, because of this pandemic I am also waking up every morning trying to uncover the mystery of what the f*ck is going on,” she explains. “We’re on the journey of self-discovery with her.”

Monae revealed she also dealt with anxiety. “I think this show has a lot to say about what are our remedies?”

So how does the fashion forward fem-bot practice self care to keep her own sanity? “I think a healthy sex life is important. Whatever that means to you. I believe in the power of laughter.” Unfortunately, quarantine looks different for everyone and for those going through it alone, it can be emotionally overwhelming. She sends her sincere love.

Catch Janelle Monae in Homecoming season two May 20 on Amazon Prime.


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