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From selling out of her $50 vagina-smelling incense on her new online shop to her showstopping Haute hazmat couture crisis fashion, Erykah Badu is definitely putting her unique stamp on this already trash year.

Of course, she keeps coming with it.

The Grammy-winning singer continues to pull out perfect pandemic accessories from her closet. Last week, she posted a pic of herself on Instagram rocking a “full-coverage felt hat,” that according to Vogue, was a “birthday gift from some years back” that ironically serves as some nifty face coverage in these questionable coronavirus times.

Perhaps perfect for her next grocery store run.

“Can I get a kiss. And can you make it last forever. Said I’m bout to go to war. And I may not ever see you again…,” the singer wrote to accompany her selfie.

Take a look:


The 49-year-old is no stranger to eclectic headpieces. Last month, she stressed to Vogue she loves hates, especially huge ones.

“I’m known for these really huge hats that I wear,” she told Vogue back in February.

“What makes these hats unique is the size of the bowl of the hat—some milliners call it the block of the hat. I’m known for having a huge block. I’m from Texas, and ten-gallon hats ain’t enough for us.”

So how is the “Tyrone” songstress handling social distancing?

From the looks of her social media pages, she might be using this time away from the world to make some new music.

“Bout to make some beats for apocalypse 2,” she wrote on March 28.

We definitely could use some new Baduisms in our life!


As you know, earlier this month the Neo-Soul icon made headlines at the Austin Film Society’s 20th Annual Texas Film Awards, where she served up this COVID-19 protection lewk.

SOCIAL DISTANCING COUTURE by – E.Badu,” the Grammy winner wrote on Instagram as she posted a pic of her Contangian ensemble. 


Sis definitely knows how to make a statement. Stay safe out there!

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