Steward Speaker Series: Common

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Common was asked about JAY-Z sitting during the National Anthem and says that the billionaire mogul is “‘bout that life.” Common absolutely believes that JAY-Z  is a man of his word and that if he says he was sitting because he was watching to make sure Demi’s performance went off without a hitch, then that’s what he was doing, “I know his heart.” said Common.

The rapper/actor advises that people should look at the “good that JAY is doing,” and be less critical. JAY-Z recently addressed the issue during an interview at Columbia University, JAY-Z said that he and Beyonce “went into artist mode” while watching Demi Lovato perform and were unaware that they didn’t stand until after he received a call about it. Others in their section were also seen seated.

How do you feel about JAY-Z and Beyonce being seated during the National Anthem? If you were at a public event, could you see yourself being so involved in work that you would forget to join others during the anthem?

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