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Have you run out of your favorite moisturizer? While you may think that you need to take a trip to your drugstore immediately to re-up on your face cream, there is a product you probably have on your nightstand that can provide moisture. Enter: shea butter.

Believe it or not, shea butter has been a skincare staple for decades on end. While most people think that this butter can be used only on the body, your face can reap plenty of benefits to impact your skin care game.

According to Healthline, shea butter has high concentrations of fatty acids and vitamins that work wonders for smoothing the skin. Also known for its inflammatory and healing properties, this natural butter works to tone and condition your skin, making it a must-have beauty product. It’s also no surprise that many of your go-to skincare products are made with shea butter.

Knowing this information, you may be thinking that shea butter can clog your pores. And you’re actually incorrect. See, unlike cocoa butter, shea butter is non-comedogenic, which makes it the perfect match for your skin. In fact, it’s microbial properties works to treat infections and it also works to even out acne scars, stretch marks and manage your acne.

Of course, the only way to reap the benefits of shea butter is to use a raw and unrefined option. Most options on the shelves have been refined with other additives and as a result have removed the vitamins and acids needed for your skin. So, make sure to read your labels. Organic shea butter will be displayed clearly across the labels.

And if you’re ready to add shea butter to your skin care routine, it’s really quite simple. Once you’ve cleansed and toned your skin, apply a bit of shea butter to your skin. Start with a small amount and work your way up until your skin feels evenly moisturized. Shea moisture also comes in handy to provide a bit of sun protection. Keep in mind, you should still use sunscreen to protect your skin.


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