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While the tennis season seems to be over till next year, of course, Serena Williams is making sure she gets some R&R before she has to hit the courts again…and she’s doing it style.

Chilling on a yacht as she launched a Serena pop-up shop in Miami for Art Basel, the 38-year-old debuted some new hair, playing with one of our favorite trends, the super long ombre pony, In Style reported.

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“I ain’t got Yacht type,” the GOAT wrote on Instagram on Friday morning with a pic of her flowing locks hitting her butt.

(You better whip that hair back and forth Serena!)


On Sunday, she showed off her hair and some serious flexibility!

“Morning warmups with Trixie (this ponytail is so EXTRA I had to name her) @lustrousmane #thicc,” she wrote. 

(DAMN GIRL!!! Thicc is right!)


If you haven’t heard of Lustrous Mane, they specialize in virgin unprocessed hair that sheds less normally than other brands. Their motto is that no two bundles are the same:

“All of Lustrous Mane bundles are unique. No two bundles are the same. Which ensures you your own unique experience! We hand select your bundle sets to allow you to create trendy eye-catching looks!” their website boasts.

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Here, they show off a pic of Serena rocking the custom-made pony they created for her:



And another one:



We love this look on you girl!

BEAUTIES: What do you think of this ombre ponytail? Would you rock something so long?


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