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One of the talented Wayans brothers decided to stop by to talk to us and let’s just say our spirits were lifted. He is not only outspoken but also a well-spoken man. He spoke about how he feels like Peter Pan; although he is 47, he feels 19…well not his knees! Comedies were all he wanted to focus on through his stories but then he wanted to branch out into romantic comedy, which is what he did with ‘Naked’. When he dies he said he left some dope things around. We joked about supporting Howard alums and he said he doesn’t count himself as a Bison but a Bis- because he only attended two years and got the heck out because everything else he needed to learn was in Los Angeles.

He wanted to speak to about thirty students so they can ask him questions and be a well of business knowledge because he believes the college system lacks that. Also talked about being proud of his niece who was in the Tiffany Haddish special on Netflix; said she had been grinding for years and he felt it was more organic for her to do her own thing rather than him putting her on through him.

We asked about his opinion on the situation with Monique calling out Tyler Perry, Oprah, and others. He cut straight to chase and said Monique is just tired + speaking on what she deserves, another black sister trying to get a bag. He extended love to the queen of comedy. We love a supportive black man okay!?

Marlon also left us with some inspirational words. Watch the video below:


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