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Mya never seems to age and that could be a testament to her natural skin care regime. While promoting her role on Girl Cruise, the 39-year-old songstress revealed her deepest beauty secrets and get this, they won’t break the bank or cost you much besides a trip to the supermarket.

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“For great skin, it’s inside out,” the vegan singer said while promoting her role on the show Girls Cruise. “Drinking lots of water as well as lots of natural juices. Trying to get away from the sugars, which will break you out. Trying to stay away from fried foods is my third rule because the oils come out in your skin. Trying to eat as many raw foods as possible to help in skin recovery.”

Mya also limits the chemicals she uses on her skin. “I use natural coconut oil instead of makeup remover. I use shea butter for sunblock.”

But her biggest beauty secret is that she uses the inside of certain fruits as exfoliants. “I take mango peels and rub them on my skin for moisturization or a mask. I use sour sop or the inside of guava to exfoliate It helps me rejuvenate really quick.

Catch Mya on Girls Cruise every Monday on VH1.


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